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Research Project: A Coordinated Network for the Improvement of HLB Research and Extension Outputs

Location: Agroecosystem Management Research

Project Number: 3042-21660-001-007-R
Project Type: Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Oct 1, 2022
End Date: Sep 24, 2024

Until HLB was discovered in the United States, there had been relatively little research done on the system leaving huge knowledge gaps in areas like disease epidemiology, vector ecology, and physiological effects on citrus trees. Most of these gaps have been partially filled with the concentrated research effort of the last 15 years but the large amount of data produced has not always been synthesized and relayed back to the citrus industry. Citrus industry stakeholders are desperate for information but feel that relatively little has been provided compared with the immense research effort. There is a plethora of research studies being published but it is very difficult for researchers to easily find specific information. Ways to easily search or access HLB research are needed to address grower concerns. To complicate matters, the HLB community has non-standard ways of referring to data or apply terminology in multiple, conflicting ways. These can lead to confusion in the literature and when comparing findings when comparing work. This project will address these problems and assist USDA NIFA to refine research priorities for the future by developing science-based tools for citrus industry stakeholders and NIFA administrators. Text source:

UC Davis will take the lead role in delivery of Objective 2 of the planned research. Specifically UC Davis researchers will be responsible for designing and producing the social network of researchers in the ECDRE and delivering a web-based application to allow USDA-NIFA staff and other stakeholders to examine the social network. UC Davis will also lead the work on integrating different data streams into a single data resource. This will involve collaboration with the Center for Regulatory Information Services at Purdue University, and coordination with the USDA-ARS Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems program, who will provide data access facilities under subcontract with UC Davis. USDA-ARS will work with UC Davis to integrate different data streams from citrus industry stakeholders and researchers into a single standardized data resource to enhance science discovery and direct future research priorities. Specifically, ARS agrees to: 1) Provide access and assistance to the FL CRAFT datasets (pending ONP and CRAFT executive team approval). 2) Develop data collection and visualization tools using ESRI based software. 3) Work with the UC Davis team to develop a cloud-based database with corresponding metadata, ontologies, data shapes, and GDA compliance reporting. 4) Develop a project level story map, experience builder site, or geohub. 5) Provide user level access to our USDA cloud environment that has a USDA Authority to Operate for this specific project.