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Manage Nutrient Loss Database
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Nutrient Loss Database for Agricultural Fields and Forests in the US
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The primary objective of this effort was to compile measured annual nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) load and concentration data representing field-scale transport from agricultural and forest land uses.




The resulting publicly available data base provides:


1) measured nutrient load and concentration data in runoff and drainage and corresponding watershed characteristics from numerous field-scale studies,2) readily accessible, easily queried information to support water quality management, modeling, and future research design,and3) a platform allowing user input of additional project-specific data.


To Download Supporting Manuscripts
"Compilation of Measured Nutrient Load Data for Agricultural Land Uses in the US"
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"The MANAGE Database:Nutrient Load and Site Characteristic Updates and Runoff Concentration Data"
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"The MANAGE Drain Load database: Review and compilation of more than fifty years of North American drainage nutrient studies"
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"4R Water Quality Impacts:An Assessment and Synthesis of Forty Years of Drainage Nitrogen Losses"
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"Expansion of the Manage Database with Forest and Drainage Studies"
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"Assessment and Synthesis of 50 Years of Published Drainage Phosphorus Losses"
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To Download Database
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Database  *updated April 2018*



 R. Daren Harmel, USDA-ARS - Project Lead
 Rick Haney, USDA-ARS
 Matt McBroom, Stephen F. Austin State University
 Song Qian, University of Toledo
 Laura Christianson, University of Illinois

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A portion of the funding for this project was provided by the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board as part of their mission to understand and mitigate agricultural impacts on water quality.

Funding was also provided by USDA-ARS to support CEAP and by the 4R Research Fund.




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    Contact info: R. Daren Harmel
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