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Final Reports for the Office of Naval Research Project
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••         Economic and Social Analysis  Report

••         Model the edaphic effects on mustard oil seed yield for saline-sodic soils in the San Joaquin Valley  Report

••         SWAT Model as a decision support tool for water management on sugarcane fields  Report

••         Resource Assessment Framework for Dependable Feedstock Supply to Produce Advanced Biofuels in Hawaii Report

••         Identify alternative biofuel feedstock crop for Hawaii and the tropics  Report

••         Assessment of water and environmental impacts of surgarcane and bioenergy feedstock production in Hawaii  Report

••         Growing Brassica Crops under Poor Growing Conditions for ALMANAC  Report

••         Develop methodology for evaluating biofuel crop water and growth status at field scale using remote sensing  Report

••         Determine Seepage Losses from HC&S Irrigation System Reservoirs and Canals  Report

••         Assessment of Carbon Accumulation and Evapotranspiration in Sugercane  Report

••         Collect data for ALMANAC model simulations, optimization for economic and environmental sustainability  Report

••         Support Crop Modeling with High Resolution Measurements of H20, C02, and Energy Fluxes, and Forcing Variables  Report