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Corn Fertility Study
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Soil samples were taken before fertilizer application and planting. For phosphorus, soil samples were analyzed after extraction with water, Mehlich 3, TAMU, and a new extractant, which is under development at our lab. TAMU and Mehlich 3 indicated that no P fertilizer was necessary; however, the new extractant indicated that corn would respond to a P addition. Due to the lack of rain, the yields are down from last year's harvest. The following are the results:

Corn Yields

    Plots with no fertilizer:

yield 52 bu/ac Increasing nitrogen rate:

    28 lbs N, 20 lbs P205: yield 57 bu/ac
    73 lbs N, 20 lbs P205: yield 64 bu/ac
    130 lbs N, 20 lbs P205: yield 70 bu/ac

Increasing phosphorus rate:

    100 lbs N, 0 lbs P205: yield 66 bu/ac
    100 lbs N 38 lbs P205: yield 74 bu/ac
    100 lbs N 53 lbs P205: yield 76 bu/ac

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Soil Scientist
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Last Modified: 8/25/2017
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