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ALMANAC - Biofuel Projects
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Biofuels Other Than Switchgrass -Publications Biofuels

We have many worked with many biofuels besides switchgrass including energy cane, sugarcane, energy sorghum, sorghum, vetivergrass, giant miscanthus, giant reed, miscane, canola and other Brassica species. Some of our most recent publications are listed here followed by an emphasis on our biofuel work funded by the US Navy.

New biofuel publications

Simulation-Based Capacity Planning of a Biofuel Refinery  Publication 

Effects of plant-soil feedback on switchgrass productivity related to microbial origin Publication

Anaerobic Digestion and Hot Water Pretreatment of Tropically Grown C4 Energy Grasses Mass, Carbon, and Energy Conversions from Field Biomass to Fuels Publication

Yield response of canola as a biofuel feedstock and soil quality changes under treated urban wastewater irrigation and soil amendment application Publication

Biofuel Benefit or Bummer? A Review Comparing Environmental Effects, Economics, and Feasibility of North American Native Perennial Grass and Traditional Annual Row Crops When Used for Biofuel Publication

Navy biofuel project

Dr. Manyowa (Norman) Meki has gathered field data and simulated several types of biofuels. In Temple, Texas he had experiments of energy sorghum, energy cane, and several annual biofuels. In Maui, Hawaii Dr. Meki worked with the US Navy and the local sugarcane industry to determine the most efficient use of resources to yield the highest sugarcane crop. (Picture: Dr. Meki with Sugar Cane)

Navy oilseed project

We have gathered field data on oilseed crops for biofuel production. In Temple, Texas we grew both winter and spring varieties of oilseeds including canola, rapeseed, camelina, and mustard. This part of a US Navy project had variety trials growing in the Carolinas, Dakotas, and into the Northwestern part of the country. (Picture: Dr. Behrman with Canola) 

Navy project publications

Field-Based Estimates of Global Warming Potential in Bioenergy Systems of Hawaii Crop Choice and Deficit Irrigation Publication

Carbon budgets of potential tropical perennial grass cropping scenarios for bioenergy feedstock production Publication

The Role of Simulation Models in Monitoring Soil Organic Carbon Storage and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential in Bioenergy Cropping Systems Publication

Performance evaluation of biomass sorghum in Hawaii and Texas Publication

Allometric Models for Predicting Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Stock of Tropical Perennial C4 Grasses in Hawaii Publication

Carbon flow through energycane agroecosystems established post‐intensive agriculture Publication

Comparison of several Brassica species in the north central U.S. for potential jet fuel feedstock Publication

Development of near-infrared spectroscopy calibrations to measure quality characteristics in intact Brassicaceae germplasm Publication

Degree Days to 50% Flowering for 12 Cultivars of Spring Canola-Like Mustard Publication