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Lisa M Durso

Research Microbiologist

Research Objectives

  1. Manure-borne Pathogens. Recent outbreaks highlight the need to know how long specific coli survive in the environment. My research objective in this area is to provide information and tools to assist public health professionals and agricultural producers so they can control illness and deaths associated with these organisms. Currently, I am conducting studies to measure how long non-O157 Shiga toxigenic E. coli survive in manure-impacted runoff.
  2. Agricultural Antibiotic Resistance (AgAR). Develop and validate high quality methods to find and count antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes in animal production areas, with a focus on resistance classes that are microbiologically important based on carriage of likely pathogens, clinically important based on the kinds of drugs used to treat infections in food animals and humans, and ecologically important based on regional soil, and water systems.
  3. Improve usefulness of agricultural antibiotic resistance data by determining naturally occurring and baseline levels of resistance so that it is possible to effectively identify specific types of resistance that can be impacted by agricultural best management practices.
Using a spiral plater to count bacteria


Nine-Mile Prairie