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The mission of the Peanut and Small Grains Research Unit is to 1) develop cereal crop germplasm with inherent protection against insects and environmental growth stresses by using genetic techniques; 2) define biological and cultural control methods, life histories, genetics, biochemical interactions, and economic importance and develop improved agroecosystem management systems; 3) discover and develop enhanced peanut germplasm and release improved peanut cultivars for commercial production in Southwest peanut-growing areas, with emphasis on host resistance to disease, environmental stress, and nutritional qualities; and 4) develop basic knowledge of mechanisms that convey resistance in peanut to diseases and environmental stress.
The Peanut and Small Grains Research Unit is located in Stillwater, OK and is part of the Plains Area.
The Research Leader is Kelly Chamberlin.
Phone: 405-385-5432
Fax: 435-262-0133
OCPARC/Peanut and Small Grains Research Unit
Stillwater, OK 74075