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Newark, Delaware
Wang, Xingeng
Research Entomologist
(302) 731-7330 x 242
Newark, DE 19713

Our mission is to import, quarantine, test, ship, release and establish exotic natural enemies (parasites and predators) of insect pests, using classical biological control approaches, and to investigate, model, and predict the interactions of pest and beneficial species. The Laboratory houses a quarantine facility where beneficial insects from abroad are received and processed to detect and eliminate undesirable secondary parasites. The laboratory's efforts have traditionally been directed against insect pests of foreign origin. After receiving natural enemies from the native home of the invading species, the beneficial insects are colonized in the United States to control the pest. Once established, these natural enemies are self-perpetuating and control the invasive host without further cost.

  Northeast Area
    Newark, Delaware
Beneficial Insects Introduction Research
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