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Location Support Staff
Signa, Donna
Administrative Officer
(662) 320-7393
150 Twelve Lane
Mississippi State, MS 39762

This unit provides the full range of administrative support to ARS scientists at this location. Services provided consist of Budget and Fiscal, Personnel, Procurement, Property and general services. Non-administrative services provided include computer systems and ADP support and maintenance, plus building and automotive maintenance.

  Southeast Area
    Mississippi State, Mississippi
      Location Support Staff
Dempsey, Alexandra Michelle
(662) 320-7391

Secretary (Office Automation)
Ellis, Cuevas
(662) 320-7395

Maintenance Mechanic
Johnson, Neil
(662) 320-7384

Facilities Operation Specialist
Jones, Herbert
(662) 320-7382

Information Technology Specialist
McCain, Gay
(662) 320-7383

Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Signa, Donna
(662) 320-7386

Administrative Officer
Weedon, Meredith Hope
(662) 320-7387

Administrative Assistant
Wiggins, Lisa
(662) 320-7388

Administrative Support Assistant
Wilson, Michael Mike
(662) 320-7389

Maintenance Mechanic
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