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Location Support Staff
Ebel, Bonnie
1700 S.W. 23RD DRIVE

Gainesville, FL 32608

The mission of the Location Support management unit is to provide quality administrative support services to the Center for Medical, Agricultural andVeterinary Entomology (CMAVE) and to the Crop Genetic and Environmental Research Unit (CGERU). This Unit provides a full range of administrative, health and safety, facilities and maintenance services, to more than 140 federal employees at this Location. Services are also provided for the SAABiometrician and to the Aquatic Weeds Scientist located at Gainesville. Services (i.e., safety training, orientation, mail and supply, photo IDs, authorization to drive federal vehicles, etc.) are also provided, as appropriate, for the 80-100 cooperator employees and scientists who work atthe Center.

  Southeast Area
    Gainesville, Florida
      Location Support Staff
Diaz, Lilliana
(352) 374-5843

Administrative Support Assistant
Henry, Terry
(352) 374-5840

Custodial Worker
Mender, Victor
(352) 374-5840

Maintenance Worker
Ohlson, John
(352) 374-5840

Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic Supervisor
Paulsen, Eric
(352) 374-5743

Randolph, Melissa
(352) 374-5840

Custodial Worker
Sams, Marshall
(352) 374-5840

Custodial Worker
Soto, Barbara
(352) 316-7664

Stout, Richard
(352) 374-5840

Maintenance Mechanic
Willms, Steve
(352) 374-5844

Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
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