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Location Support Staff
Grusak, Michael
Center Director
(701) 239-1371
USDA-ARS-PA, Edward T. Schafer Agri Res Ctr
1616 Albrecht Blvd. North (Mailing Address)
Fargo, ND 58102-2765

We provide administrative support services for the Edward T. Schafter Agricultural Research Center, which consists of 5 permanent management units. Services include coordinating and supervising administrative support functions in the five major areas of fiscal, acquisition, personnel, facilities, and business management.

  Plains Area
    Fargo, North Dakota
      Location Support Staff
Brandt, Lucas
(701) 239-1208

Custodial Worker
Diggins, Charles
(701) 239-1370

Administrative Assistant
Faulkner, Robert
(701) 239-1420

Maintenance Mechanic
Johnson, John
(701) 239-1203

Administrative Officer
Kaseman, Sharon
(701) 239-1220

Supervisory General Engineer
Malko, Corey
(701) 367-2450

IT Specialist
Nessa, Laura
(701) 239-1283

Secretary (Office Automation)
Nichols, Marlon
(701) 715-3040

IT Specialist
Vaagen, Theresa
(701) 239-1205

Financial Technician
Welker, Elliott
(701) 239-1211

Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Whetzel, Mike
(701) 239-1220

Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic
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