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Foreign Arthropod Borne Animal Disease Research
Mire, Chad
Research Microbiologist
NBAF Program Executive Office
1980 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66502

The mission of the Foreign Arthropod-Borne Research Disease Unit is to conduct basic and applied research on foreign, high-consequence arthropod-transmitted pathogens of livestock animals and their arthropod vectors. The research mission emphasizes the studies of virus molecular biology, pathogens and vectors, vector biology and competence, livestock entomology, epidemiology, and viral pathogenesis.

  Plains Area
    Manhattan, Kansas (nbaf)
      Research Programs
      Foreign Arthropod Borne Animal Disease Research
Cohnstaedt, Lee
(785) 537-5513

Research Entomologist
De La Mota-Peynado, Alina
(785) 532-5543

Ewing, Robert
(785) 776-2799

Foster, Stephanie
(785) 712-3852

Miesner, Tracy
(785) 712-3854

Veterinary Medical Officer
Mire, Chad
(785) 712-3852

Research Microbiologist
Mitzel, Dana
(785) 537-5540

Molecular Biologist
Nelson, Patricia
(785) 712-3853

Program Support Assistant (Office Automation)
Owens, Jeana
(785) 537-2799

Wilson, William
(785) 537-5570

Research Microbiologist
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