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Physical Security
NBAF Program Executive Office
1980 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66502

The mission of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility is to provide an enduring capability to enable the United States to conduct comprehensive research, develop vaccines, and provide enhanced diagnostic and training capabilities to protect against transboundary, emerging, and zoonotic animal diseases that threaten our nation’s food supply, agricultural economy, and public health.

  Plains Area
    Manhattan, Kansas (nbaf)
      Location Support Staff
      Physical Security
Alexander, Rosemarie
(785) 712-3111

Secretary (Office Automation)
Asbury, Joshua
(785) 712-3088

Security Specialist
Beougher, Stacy
(785) 712-3198

Blevins, Jonathan
(785) 712-3094

Security Specialist
Diaz-Centeno, Christian
(785) 712-3095

Security Specialist
Doucett, Ece
(785) 712-3093

Security Specialist
Fink, Richard
(785) 712-3925

Security Specialist
Kempker, Jeffrey
(785) 712-3948

Security Specialist
Kerns, Jesse
(785) 712-3924

Security Specialist
Knesovich, Kevin
(785) 712-3923

Security Specialist
Meyers, Gary
(785) 712-3949

Security Specialist
Purser, Scot
(785) 712-3920

Security Specialist
Randazzo, Michael
(785) 712-3921

Security Specialist
Roberts, Matthew
(785) 712-3927

Security Specialist
Strege, Alex
(785) 712-3947

Security Specialist
Szarmach, Mark
(785) 712-3089

Security Specialist
Vanhorne, Lee
(785) 712-3096

Security Specialist
Wilson, Danielle
(785) 712-3112

(Employee information on this page comes from the REE Directory. Please contact your front office staff to update the REE Directory.)