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Location Support Staff
Campbell, James - Jim
Research Leader
(785) 776-2717
USDA-ARS-PA-Center for Grain & Animal Health Res.
1515 College Ave. Center Director/Location Support
Manhattan, KS 66502

The Administrative Office (ADM) serves as the central contact point for the Manhattan location for administrative issues and provides coordination for budget, fiscal, personnel, real/personal property, travel, EEO, and purchase transactions. There are four research units at the location; three are housed in the CGAHR building, and the other unit is located on Kansas State University property.

  Plains Area
    Manhattan, Kansas
      Location Support Staff
Cherico, Jason
(785) 776-2748

Maintenance Worker
Hinkson, David
(785) 340-2100

Facilities Manager
King, Rebecca
(785) 776-2790

Financial Technician
McKenzie, Kelly
(785) 776-2748

Custodial Worker
Morrison, Douglas
(785) 537-2748

Maintenance Worker
Plummer, Kimberly
(785) 776-2738

Administrative Officer
Wagner, Roy
(785) 776-2723

Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic