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ALARC Highlights 2020 Edition
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Recent Publications

Plant Science

Abdel-Haleem, H., Luo, Z., Ray, D. 2019. Genetic improvement of guayule (Parthenium argentatum A. Gray): An alternative rubber crop. Pp. 151-178, In: Advances in Plant Breeding Strategies: Industrial and Food Crops, J. Al-Khayri, S. Jain, D. Johnson (eds.). Springer, Dordrecht-Heidelberg-London-New York. (PDF)

Allen, L.H., Kimball, B.A., Bunce, J.A., Toshimoto, M., Harazono, Y., Baker, J.T., Boote, K.J., White, J.W. 2020. Fluctuations of CO2 in Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) depress plant photosynthesis, growth, and yield. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 284: 107899. (PDF)

Boehm Jr., J., Abdel-Haleem, H.A., Schapaugh Jr., W., Rainey, K., Pantalone, V.R., Shannon, G., Klein, J., Carter Jr, T.E., Cardinal, A.J., Shipe, E.R., Gillen, A.M., Chen, P., Smith, J.R., Weaver, D.B., Boerma, R., Li, Z. 2019. Genetic improvement of US soybean in maturity groups V, VI, and VII. Crop Science. 59: 1838-1852.

Chapman, K.D., Aziz, M., Dyer, J.M., Mullen, R.T. 2019. Mechanisms of Lipid Droplet Biogenesis. Biochemical Journal. 476: 1929-1942.

Esnay, N., Dyer, J.M., Mullen, R.T., Chapman, K.D. 2020. Lipid droplet-peroxisome connections in plants. Contact. 3: 1-14. (PDF)

Gazave, E., Tassone, E.E., Baswggio, M., Cyder, M., Byrel, K., Oblath, E.A., Lueschow, S.R., Poss, D.J., Hardy, C.D., Wingerson, M., James, D.B., Abdel-Haleem, H.A., Grant, D.M., Hatfield, J.L., Isbell, T., Vigil, M.F., Dyer, J.M., Jenks, M.A., Brown, J., Gore, M.A., Pauli, D. 2020. Genome-wide association study identifies acyl-lipid metabolism candidate genes involved in the genetic control of natural variation for seed fatty acid traits in Brassica napus L.. Industrial Crops and Products. 145: 112080.

Ischebeck, T., Mullen, R.T., Dyer, J.M., Chapman, K.D. 2020. Lipid droplets in plants and algae: distribution, formation, turnover and function. Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology,

Kaler, A., Abdel-Haleem, H.A., Fritschi, F.B., Gillman, J.D., Ray, J.D., Smith, J.R., Purcell, L.C. 2020. Genome-wide association mapping of dark green color index using a diverse panel of soybean accessions. Scientific Reports. 10: 5166. (PDF)

Kim, J.Y. 2020. Roadmap to high throughput phenotyping for plant breeding. Journal of Biosystems Engineering. 45: 43-55. (PDF

Lin, Y., Chen, G., Mietkiewska, E., Song, Z., Caldo, K.P., Singer, S.D., Dyer, J.M., Smith, M., Mckeon, T.A., Weselake, R.J. 2019. Castor patatin-like phospholipase A IIIß facilitates removal of hydroxy fatty acids from phosphatidylcholine in transgenic Arabidopsis seeds. Plant Molecular Biology. 101: 521-536.

Luo, Z., Thorp, K.R., Abdel-Haleem, H.A. 2019. A high-throughput quantification of resin and rubber contents in Parthenium argentatum using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. Plant Methods. 15: 154. (PDF)

Luo, Z., Abdel-Haleem, H.A. 2019. Phenotypic diversity of USDA guayule germplasm collection grown under different irrigation conditions. Industrial Crops and Products. 142: 111867. (PDF)

Price, A.M., Doner, N., Gidda, S.K., Puri, V., James, C., Schami, A., Yurchenko, O., Mullen, R.T., Dyer, J.M., Chapman, K.D. 2019. Mouse Fat-Specific Protein 27 (FSP27) expressed in plant cells localizes to lipid droplets and promotes lipid droplet accumulation and fusion. Biochimie. 169: 41-53.

Sturtevant, D., Lu, S., Zhou, Z., Shen, Y., Wang, S., Song, J., Zhong, J., Burks, D.J., Yang, A., Yang, Q., Cannon, A.E., Herrfurth, C., Feussner, I., Borisjuk, L., Munz, E., Verbeck, G.F., Wang, X., Azad, R.K., Singleton, B.B., Dyer, J.M., Chen, L., Chapman, K.D., Guo, L. 2020. The genome of jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis): A taxonomically isolated species that directs wax ester accumulation in its seeds. Science Advances. 6: eaay3240. (PDF)


Entomology and Plant Pathology

Barros, L.S., Yamamoto, P.T., Merten, P., Naranjo, S.E. 2020. Sublethal effects of diamide insecticides on development and flight performance of Chloridea virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): Implications for Bt soybean refuge area management. Insects 11, 269. (PDF)

Batz, Z.A., Brent, C.S., Marias, M.R., Sugijanto, J., Armbruster, P.A. 2019. Juvenile hormone III but not 20-hydroxyecdysone regulates the embryonic diapause of Aedes albopictus. Frontiers in Physiology 10: 1352. (PDF)

Brent, C.S., Spurgeon, D.W. 2019. Reproductive development of Lygus hesperus (Hemiptera: Miridae) adults under constant and variable temperatures. Journal of Insect Science. 19(3): 24:1-6. (PDF)

Carriere, Y., Yelich, A.J., Degain, B., Harpold, V.S., Unnithan, G.C., Kim, J.H., Mathew, L.G., Head, G.P., Rathore, K.S., Fabrick, J.A., Tabashnik, B.E. 2019. Gossypol in cottonseed increases the fitness cost of resistance to Bt cotton in pink bollworm. Crop Protection. 126: 104914.

Christie, A.E., Hull, J.J. 2019. What can transcriptomics reveal about the phylogenetic/structural conservation, tissue localization, and possible functions of CNMamide peptides in decapod crustaceans? General and Comparative Endocrinology 282:113217. doi: 10.1016/j.ygcen.2019.113217

Christie, A.E., Hull, J.J., Dickinson, P.S. 2020. Assessment and comparison of putative amine receptor complement/diversity in the brain and eyestalk ganglia of the lobster, Homarus americanus. Invertebrate Neuroscience 20:1–14.

Christie, A.E., Hull, J.J., Dickinson, P.S. 2020. In silico analyses suggest the cardiac ganglion of the lobster, Homarus americanus, contains a diverse array of putative innexin/innexin-like proteins, including both known and novel members of this protein family. Invertebrate Neuroscience 1–11. doi: 10.1007/s10158-020-0238-6

Fabrick, J.A., LeRoy, D.M., Unnithan, G.C. Yelich, A.J. Carrière, Y.,  Li, X., Tabashnik, B.E. 2020. Shared and independent genetic basis of resistance to Bt toxin Cry2Ab in two strains of pink bollworm. Scientific Reports. Accepted 04/22/2020.

Fabrick, J.A., Mathew, L.G., Leroy, D.M., Hull, J.J., Unnithan, G.C., Yelich, A.J., Carriere, Y., Li, X., Tabashnik, B.E. 2020. Reduced cadherin expression associated with resistance to Bt toxin Cry1Ac in pink bollworm. Pest Management Science. 76: 67-74. (PDF)

Hagler, J.R., Machtley, S. 2020. Refinement of the protein immunomarking technique for mark-capture research. Journal of Insect Science 20(2): 8.  (PDF)

Hagler, J.R., Casey, M., Machtley, S. 2020. A procedure for pinpointing cannibalism, intraguild predation, and life stage-specific feeding events. Biocontrol (PDF)

Hagler, J.R., Mostafa, A.M. 2019. A gut analysis technique for identifying egg-specific predation events. Journal of Insect Science. 19(3): 1-7. (PDF)

Hagler, J.R., Nieto, D.J., Machtley, S.A., Swezey, S.L. 2020. Predator demographics and dispersal in alfalfa trap-cropped strawberry. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. 168: 53-58. (PDF)

Hull, J.J., Yang, Y.W., Miyasaki, K., Brent, C.S. 2020. TRPA1 modulates noxious odor responses in Lygus hesperus. Journal of Insect Physiology 122: 104038 (PDF)

Hull, J.J., Fónagy, A. 2019. Molecular basis of pheromonogenesis regulation in moths. pp. 151-202, In: Olfactory Concepts of Insect Control-Alternative to Insecticides, J.F. Picimbon (ed.). Springer, Chambridge, UK. (PDF)

Hull, J.J., Fónagy, A. 2020. A sexy moth model–the molecular basis of sex pheromone biosynthesis in the silkmoth Bombyx mori. pp. 111-150, In: Insect Sex Pheromone Research and Beyond, Y. Ishikawa (ed.). Springer, Singapore. (PDF)

Li, S., Hussain, F., Unnithan, G.C., Dong, S., Ulabdin, Z., Mathew, L.G., Fabrick, J.A., Ni, X., Carriere, Y., Tabashnik, B.E., Li, X. 2019. A long non-coding RNA regulates cadherin transcription and susceptibility to Bt toxin Cry1Ac in pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology. 158: 54-60.

Montgomery, M., Hagler, J.R., Vanderwoude, C., Lynch, A.J., Robinson, W.A. 2019. Laboratory evaluation of egg whites and milk as external biomarkers for Wasmannia auropunctata (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Journal of Insect Science. 19(6)18: 1-5. (PDF)

Naranjo, S.E., Frisvold, G.B., Ellsworth, P.C. 2019. Economic value of arthropod biological control. pp. 49-85, In: The Economics of Integrated Pest Management for Insects, D. Onstad, P. Crain (eds.). Springer, Dordrecht-Heidelberg-London-New York. (PDF)

Naranjo, S.E., Hellmich, R.L., Romeis, J., Shelton, A., Velez, A. 2019. The role and use of genetically engineered insect-resistant crops in IPM systems. Pp. 283-340, In Integrated management of insect pests: Current and future developments, M. Kogan, E. Heinrichs (eds.). Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK. (PDF)

Ohkura, M., Cotty, P.J., Orbach, M.J. 2018. Comparative genomics of Aspergillus flavus s and l morphotypes yield insights into niche adaptation. G3, Genes/Genomes/Genetics. 8(12): 3915-3930. (PDF)

Ortega-Beltran, A., Moral, J., Picot, A., Puckett, R.D., Cotty, P.J., Michaildes, T.J. 2019. Atoxigenic Aspergillus flavus isolates endemic to almond, fig, and pistachio orchards in California with potential to reduce aflatoxin contamination in these crops. Plant Disease. 103(5): 905-912.

Singh, P., Cotty, P.J. 2019. Characterization of Aspergillis from dried red chilies (Capsicum spp.): Insights into the etiology of aflatoxin contamination. International Journal of Food Microbiology. 289: 145-153. (PDF)

Singh, P., Orbach, M.J., Cotty, P.J. 2018. Aspergillus texensis: A novel aflatoxin producer with S morphology from the United States. Toxins. 10(12): 1-15. (PDF)

Spurgeon, D.W. 2019. Common statistical mistakes in entomology: models inconsistent with the experimental design. American Entomologist. 65(2): 87-89. (PDF)

Spurgeon, D.W. 2019. Common statistical mistakes in entomology: ignoring interactions. American Entomologist. 65(3): 200-203. (PDF)

Spurgeon, D.W. 2019. Common statistical mistakes in entomology: blocking and inference space. American Entomologist. 65(4): 268-271. (PDF)

Spurgeon, D.W. 2020. Diapause response of Lygus hesperus (Hemiptera: Miridae) at different temperatures. Journal of Entomological Science. 55(1): 126-129. (PDF).

Wang, L., Wang, J., Ma, Y., Wan, P., Liu, K., Cong, S., Xiao, Y., Xu, D., Wu, K., Fabrick, J.A., Li, X., Tabashnik, B.E. 2019. Transposon insertion causes cadherin mis-splicing and confers resistance to Bt cotton in pink bollworm from China. Scientific Reports. 9(1): 7479. (PDF)

Wang, J., Xu, D., Wang, L., Cong, S., Wan, P., Lei, C., Fabrick, J.A., Li, X., Tabashnik, B.E., Wu, K. 2020. Bt resistance alleles in field populations of pink bollworm from China: Similarities with the United States and decreased frequency from 2012 to 2015. Pest Management Science. 76: 527-533.


Water Conservation

Ale, S., Omani, N., Himanshu, S.K., Bordovsky, J.P., Thorp, K.R., Barnes, E.M. 2020. Determining optimum irrigation termination periods for cotton production in the Texas High Plains. Transactions of the ASABE 63 (1): 105–115. [PDF]

Anderson, R.G., French, A.N. 2019. Crop evapotranspiration. Agronomy. 9(10): 614. (PDF).

Bronson, K.F., Conley. M.M., Hunsaker, D.J., White, J.W., Thorp, K.R., French, A.N., Barnes, E.M. 2020. Which active optical sensor vegetation index is best for nitrogen assessment in irrigated cotton? Agronomy Journal. (PDF)

Bronson, K.F., Hunsaker, D.J., Thorp, K.R. 2019. Nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation effects on seed yield and oil in camelina. Agronomy Journal. 111(4): 1712-1719. (PDF)

Bronson, K.F., Hunsaker, D.J., Meisinger, J.J., Rockholt, S.M., Thorp, K.R., Conley, M.M., Williams, C.F., Norton, E.R., Barnes, E.M. 2019. Improving nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency in subsurface drip-irrigated cotton in the desert southwest. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 83: 1712-1721. (PDF)

Chen, X., Thorp, K.R., Van Oel, P.R., Xu, Z., Zhou, B., Li, Y. 2020. Environmental impact assessment of water-saving irrigation systems across 60 irrigation construction projects in northern China. Journal of Cleaner Production 245: 118883. [PDF]

De la Cruz Jiménez, J., Leiva, L., Cardoso, J.A., French, A.N., Thorp, K.R. 2020. Proximal sensing of Urochloa grasses increases selection accuracy. Crop & Pasture Science 71 (4): 401–409. [PDF]

DeJonge, K.C., Thorp, K.R., Marek, G.W. 2020. The apples and oranges of reference and potential evapotranspiration: Implications for agroecosystem models. Agricultural & Environmental Letters 5: e20011. [PDF]

Filipovic, L., Filipovic, V., Walker, C., Williams, C., Gall, H., Watson, J. 2020. Modeling carbamazepine transport in wastewater-irrigated soil under different land uses. Journal of Environmental Quality

Huang, J., Ridoutt, B.G., Thorp, K.R., Wang, X., Lan, K., Liao, J., Tao, X., Wu, C., Huang, J., Chen, F., Scherer, L. 2019. Water-scarcity footprints and water productivities indicate unsustainable wheat production in China. Environmental Science and Technology. 224: 105744.

Huang, J., Scherer, L., Lan, K., Chen, F., Thorp, K.R. 2019. Advancing the application of a model-independent open-source geospatial tool for large spatiotemporal simulations. Environmental Modelling & Software. 119: 374-378. (PDF)

Huang, J., Ridoutt, B.G., Sun, Z., Lan, K., Thorp, K.R., Wang, X., Yin, X., Huang, J., Chen, F., Scherer, L. 2020. Balancing food production within the planetary water boundary. Journal of Cleaner Production 253: 119900. [PDF]

Joshi, V.R., Thorp, K.R., Coulter, J.A., Johnson, G.A., Porter, P.M., Strock, J.S., Garcia Y Garcia, A. 2019. Improving site-specific maize yield estimation by integrating satellite multispectral data into a crop model. Agronomy. 9,719. (PDF)

Puppo, L., Garcia, C., Bautista, E., Hunsaker, D.J., Beretta, A., Girona, J. 2019. Seasonal basal crop coefficient pattern of young non-bearing olive trees grown in drainage lysimeters in a temperate sub-humid climate. Agricultural Water Management. 226:105732.

Thorp, K.R. 2019. Long-term simulations of site-specific irrigation management for Arizona cotton production. Irrigation Science. 38(1): 49-64. (PDF).

Thorp, K.R., Marek, G.W., DeJonge, K.C., Evett, S.R., Lascano, R.J. 2019. Novel methodology to evaluate and compare evapotranspiration algorithms in an agroecosystem model. Journal of Environmental Modeling and Software. 199: 214-227. (PDF)

Thorp, K.R., Thompson, A.L., Bronson, K.F. 2020. Irrigation rate and timing effects on Arizona cotton yield, water productivity, and fiber quality. Agricultural Water Management. 234: 106146. (PDF)

Zerihun, Z., Sanchez, C.A., Thorp, K.R., Hagler, M.J. 2019. Hydraulics of linear-move sprinkler irrigation systems, III: Model evaluation. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 8(2): 237. (PDF)