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The mission of the SAWS unit is to increase the efficiency and sustainability of irrigated agriculture in California under changing environmental conditions, with a special focus on vine and tree orchard crops in the Central Valley. This is accomplished by: (i) improving irrigation efficiency; (ii) optimizing on-farm strategies for managed aquifer recharge; (iii) assessing the long-term impacts of irrigated agriculture on crop production, soil health, and groundwater quantity and quality under changing environmental conditions; and (iv) support and enable climate-informed decision making for working and natural land managers by co-developing resources, translating information, and assisting with the implementation of science-based tools and technologies that lead to greater climate resilience and support carbon neutrality.

The Sustainable Agricultural Water Systems Research is located in Davis, CA and is part of the Pacific West Area.
The Research Leader is Scott Bradford.
University of California, Davis
239 Hopkins Road
Davis, CA 95616