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The Fig



If you would like to submit a request for plant material, please visit our Products & Services page.*Due to great demand for dormant cuttings and their higher rooting success rate, we will no longer have routine distribution of summer fig cuttings.

The Moraceae family has about 1,000 species which differ greatly from one another. Their commonality is that their stems and leaves are full of milky sap. Ficus, or the fig, is a false fruit. The pear-shaped fruit is a receptacle that has grown around the real fruits. The fig is actually a round fleshy mass, with an opening at the end filled with fruits. On the walls of this round mass grow hundreds of small flowerets that later change into the fruits. It is thought to have originated in Asia, but is now grown in many of the tropical to sub-tropical regions of the World.


Use GRIN Global to search for more information on Ficus and the accessions in the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS).



Questions about our fig collection can be directed to Alex Sanchez


Links to non-federal fig related sites:


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Some information for this page was obtained from: The Complete Book of Fruits. D. Pijpers, J.G. Constant, and K. Jansen. Gallery Books, New York. 1985.


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