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Commonly known as Kiwifruit




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The genus Actinidiae (family Actinidiaceae) has origins throughout the Asian Continent from Taiwan extending north to Siberia and east towards the Indian Subcontinent.  The natural habitat is in forested regions, where Actinidia sp. grow in the understory, tending to grow up trees and over other shrubs.  There are over 40 species of Actinidia, all are vining plants and are functionally dioecious.  Leaf morphology and color varies widely, while flowers throughout the genus are earthly toned from pale white to light brown.  The fruits can contain up to 800 seeds, usually arranged radially.  Four of the 40 species have been cultivated for their fruit:  Actinidia arguta, Actinidia kolomikta, Actinidia deliciosa, and Actinidia chinensis.  Kiwifruit is ripe when the fruit is just slightly soft to the touch


Here, at the Davis repository we maintain several species of Actinidia,  with the majority of our collection being comprised of A. deliciosa and A. chinensis.  Both of these are subtropical species, while several species within our collection are considered to be hardy; please visit the Corvalis Repository web page for more information.


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Questions about our kiwi collection can be directed to Alex Sanchez



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Some information for this page was obtained from:  The Complete Book of Fruits.  D. Pijpers, J.G. Constant, and K. Jansen. Gallery Books, New York. 1985.

Kiwifruit: Science and Management. I.J. Warrington and G.C. Weston, eds. Ray Richards Publisher; Wellington, New Zealand. 1990.


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