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NCGR Corvallis - Rubus Germplasm
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Blackberry and Raspberry Genetic Resources - Rubus Germplasm - Rubus Genebank

NCGR Rubus Catalogs
With links to the GRIN database

  • Rubus Cultivars and Selections
    Crop Subsets:
    • All Cultivars and Selections
    • Blackberries
      • Dewberries
      • Eastern Erect
      • Western Trailing
    • Red Raspberries
    • Black Raspberries
    • Albino Black Raspberries 
    • Purple Raspberries
    • Yellow Raspberries
    • Arctic Raspberries
    • Hybridberries (Blackberry x Raspberry)
    • Heirloom or Heritage Cultivars
  • Rubus Species Maintained as Plants
  • Rubus Seed Accessions
  • Core Collection- The 'core' is a subset of the Rubus germplasm collection consisting of approximately 10% of accessions and representing the maximum genetic diversity of the genus.

Trait Subsets:

  • Ripening Season
    • Early Ripe
    • Midseason
    • Late Ripe
  • Fruit Characters
    • Yellow or White Fruit
  • Plant Characters
    • Primocane Fruiting
    • Floricane Fruiting
    • Cold Hardy
    • Drought Resistant
    • Erect or Upright Habit
    • Heat Tolerant
    • Low Chill
    • Non-suckering
    • Ornamental
    • Thornless
    • Trailing Habit
    • Virus Indicator
  • Crop Uses
    • Fresh Fruit
    • Freezing or IQF (individual quick frozen)
    • Mechanical Harvest
    • Processing
  • Insect and Disease Resistance
    • Aphid Resistant
    • Anthracnose Resistant
    • Cane Disease Resistant
    • Crown Gall (Agrobacterium) Resistant
    • Leaf Spot (Septoria) Resistant
    • Root Rot (Phytophthora) Resistant
    • Rust Resistant
    • Verticillium Resistant
    • Virus Resistant/Tolerant

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Interesting Repository Accessions

Historic Illustrations from The Small Fruits of New York
assorted raspberry and blackberry fruits

Other Rubus Resources

rubus stems

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