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NCGR Corvallis - Mentha Germplasm
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Mint Genetic Resources

NCGR Mentha Catalogs with links to GRIN database:

   - Catalog of Mentha Cultivars, Selections and Species Maintained as Plants

   - Catalog of Mentha Seed Accessions

   - Core Collection - The 'core' is a subset of the mint germplasm collection consisting of

      approximately 10% of accessions and representing the maximum genetic diversity of the genus.

NCGR mint collection

National Plant Germplasm System Mentha Resources:

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   - Retrieve List of Mentha species from GRIN taxonomy database

   - Summary of Mentha germplasm collection by species

   - Select 'Mint' and then categorize to your need

   - Common Names of Mint Diseases - compiled by the American

      Phytopathological Society