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NCGR Corvallis Distribution Policies
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The National Plant Germplasm System provides germplasm to support research and education objectives.

Due to the intensive effort and resources required, we are unable to distribute germplasm for home gardening.

The Corvallis Genebank can only supply very limited quantities of seeds or cuttings.

Please check the following pages for additional information:

The National Clonal Germplasm Repository (NCGR) at Corvallis complies with the USDA/ARS policy to encourage continued free and unrestricted national and international exchange of germplasm. NCGR-Corvallis is a small USDA/ARS facility. In most cases, two stock plants of each clone are maintained, therefore, only a limited quantity of cuttings are available for an accession. Normally, two cuttings are provided per clonal accession requested. Larger quantities should be requested from commercial sources.

Please acknowledge NCGR-Corvallis in publications and products resulting from the use of plant materials from the Repository. We depend on federal funding to collect, evaluate, catalog, preserve and distribute these valuable plant resources. This work will only continue as long as Congress and the general public finds value in these efforts.



Efforts are made by the NCGR staff to verify the identity of plant accessions, test for important diseases, and evaluate clonal qualities. Virus tested germplasm will be distributed whenever possible. Historical information, including passport data, pedigree and development data, and previous evaluations, is available on the public GRIN database. NCGR assumes no responsibility for identification or performance of distributed plant material.

Last Modified: 10/4/2016
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