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NCGR Corvallis - Cydonia Germplasm
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Quince Genetic Resources - Quince Germplasm - Cydonia Genebank

Please use the GRIN-Global search page to locate and order scionwood:


Scionwood orders are accepted between September 1 and January 25.
You must check the "include unavailable" box in the search screen to retrieve accession data at other times.

NCGR Quince Catalogs
(includes Chaenomeles, Cydonia, Docynia, Pseudocydonia, Pyronia):

GRIN Taxonomy

Historic Images and Publications

Quince Cultivars and Species, Commercial Production, Recipes 

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Pests and Diseases

Quince in the News

Quince in multiple languages- compiled by M.H. Porcher et al. The University of Melbourne. Australia.