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SEL's Slide-mounting Tutorial Videos
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GaryMiller demonstrating slide making

    These instructional videos are part of the Enhanced Pest Identification and Technology effort as outlined in the Farm Bill-H.R. 6124 Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008.  This represents a collaborative effort of eight training/e-learning videos demonstrating techniques for making microscope slides of economically important arthropods (mites, soft scales, mealybugs, armored scales, whiteflies, and aphids [2 different videos]) for scientific study.  In addition, a separate video is provided to demonstrate the proper techniques for mailing microscope slides for scientific study.

Preparing Arthropods for Microscope Examination. Choose from High Resolution (greater detail) or Low Resolution (faster loading time) for each of the eight presentations:




Preparing Soft-bodied Arthropods for Microscope Examination: Aphids

     High Resolution Video Icon       Low Resolution Video Icon


Preparing Soft-bodied Arthropods for Microscope Examination: Armored Scales

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Preparing Soft-bodied Arthropods for Microscope Examination: Mealybugs

     High Resolution Video Icon       Low Resolution Icon  

Preparing Soft-bodied Arthropods for Microscope Examination: Mites

     High Resolution Icon       Low Resolution Icon

Preparing Soft-bodied Arthropods for Microscope Examination: Soft Scales

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Preparing Soft-bodied Arthropods for Microscope Examination: Whiteflies

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Preparing Sternorrhychous Insects for Microscope Examination: Hoyer's Mounting Medium 

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Mailing the Microscope Slides


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