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Jitender Dubey
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Jitender Dubey

Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory
10300 Baltimore Avenue
Building 1040 Room 103, BARC-East
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone 301.504.8128 
My Publications


I am a veterinarian parasitologist committed to to the control of parasitic diseases. I have pioneered in the diagnosis, and control of three parasitic diseases: Toxoplasmosis, Sarcocystosis, and Neosporosis, that cause economic losses to livestock growers and needless suffering to humans. Toxoplasmosis causes mental retardation, congenital birth defects in humans, and abortion in livestock. Neosporosis is a major cause of abortion in cattle. Sarcocystosis can cause severe disease both in humans and animals. I was instrumental in developing methods to prevent spread of these diseases. I am one of the most cited scientists in veterinary medicine. My most significant contributions are the discovery of the life cycle of Toxoplasma, discovery and naming of the protozoa Neospora caninum that causes abortion in cattle, and of Sarcocystis neurona that kills horses.


Honors and Awards

1. First recipient of the Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologists Award for outstanding contributions to the field of veterinary parasitology. This is the highest honor conferred by AAVP.   1985

2. Ralston Purina 1990 Small Animal Research Award in parasitology for the discovery of the new genus Neospora.   1990

3. Senior scientist of the year award, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, ARS, USDA.   1990

4. Co-recipient C.L. Davis, D.V.M. Foundation Journal Scholarship Award for the discovery of Neospora associated abortion in cattle.   1992

5. Gaines Award by the American Veterinary Medical Association for the discovery of Neospora caninum.   1992

6. Excellence in Canine Research Award, American Veterinary Medical Association for the discovery of Neospora caninum.   1994

7. World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP)/Pfizer Award for outstanding contribution to research in veterinary parasitology. First American to receive this award.   1995

8. Barclay McGhee Award in Protozoology for outstanding contributions, American Society of Parasitologists.   1997

9. Institute of Scientific Information, Current Contents Award as one of the top fifteen most highly cited authors in the world in the Plant and Animal sciences for the decade, 1991-2000.   2002

10. Technology Transfer Award, ARS, USDA, Beltsville Area.   2002

11. U.S. Presidential Rank Award as a Meritorious Senior-Professional.   2003

12. Eminent Parasitologist Award, American Society of Parasitologists.    2005

13. Spendore-Nicolle medal for Outstanding Contribution to Toxoplasmosis Research, Toxoplasma Centennial Congress.   2008

14. Elected Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.   2010

15. Inducted to Hall of Fame, ARS, USDA.   2010


Although I am happy to honor reprint requests, please click here for access to many of my scholarly publications.