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Final Report on the International Conference


The International Workshop on Sorghum for Biofuels will provide a forum on the scientific status and needs for sorghum as a bioenergy feedstock.  The workshop will assemble international experts from government, academia, the agricultural community and the renewable fuels industry in sorghum research and development to discuss to discuss key scientific advances for economically viable and environmentally sustainable production and utilization of sorghum as a bio-energy crop.


  • Communicate and share data and information on lessons learned pertinent to sorghum research in production, utilization, sustainability and economic issues associated with its use as a biofuel feedstock, emphasizing the science associated with these areas.

  • Identify the scientific opportunities and challenges for sorghum as a major feedstock for renewable energy

  • Determine critical integrated technologies and approaches needed to enhance the usefulness of sorghum as a bioenergy feedstock


  • An electronic workshop proceedings
  • A summary report integrated as an international strategy for research on biofuels from sorghum.
  • Participants will have begun new, and strengthened existing, communication and partnerships with others associated with sorghum research in key areas.


Representative scientific experts from government, academia, the agricultural community and renewable fuels industry, from all countries, including African nations and EU countries, interested to increase global production and use of sorghum as a bioenergy feedstock. [60 to 100 participants are anticipated]

General Description:

August 19 – 20: Presentations and participant workshop breakout groups
August 21st: Proposed travel to Texas A&M for on site R&D exhibitions; estimated travel time 2 hours one way
August 22nd: Proposed travel to Jennings, LA to view Verenium facility; estimated travel time 3 hours one way


Full Agenda (opens in new window)


Last Updated: 09/10/2008