USDA Global Conference on Agricultural Biofuels: Research and Ecomonics (Minneapolis, Minnesota - August 20-22, 2007)

Airport Marriott, St. Louis, MO - September 18 - 20, 2007

ARS Bioenergy National Stakeholders' Meeting

Workshop Purpose

Recommend priority areas for ARS research over the next five years to enable or substantially expand the sustainable, commercial production of bioenergy from agricultural materials.

Expected Outcomes

  • Recommended priority areas for ARS-wide research that could impact bioenergy production (or use) by agriculture
  • Recommendations regarding the Action Plan for the Bioenergy National Program over the next five years
  • Identify synergies and linkages between the ARS National Program in Bioenergy and other National Programs within ARS
  • Recommendations on how ARS should partner with other Federal agencies, universities and/or industry so as to maximize the impact of its bioenergy research and technology transfer







Last Updated: 09/11/2007