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Properties: Fibers/Feeds/Other Materials
item Utilization of porous carbons derived from coconut shell and wood in natural rubber (Sep 2014)
item Interface interactions of natural rubber and protein/fiber aggregates (Aug 2014)
item Effect of processing methods on the mechanical properties of natural rubber filled with stearic acid modified soy protein particles (Aug 2014)
item Preliminary study of linear density, tenacity, and crystallinity of cotton fibers (Jul 2014)
item Chromophores in cellulosics, XI: isolation and identification of residual chromophores from bacterial cellulose (Jul 2014)
item Poultry blood preservation and the impact of preservation on flocculant activity (Jun 2014)
item Fiber quality challenges facing the cotton industry (Apr 2014)
item Preliminary study of relating cotton fiber tenacity and elongation with crystallinity (Apr 2014)
item Chemical imaging of cotton fibers using an infrared microscope and a focal-plane array detector (Apr 2014)
item Determing the feasiblity of chemical imaging of cotton trash (Apr 2014)
item Comparisons of Cottonscope and AFIS fiber maturity distributions (Apr 2014)
item Comparisons of cotton maturity and fineness measurements (Cottonscope, AFIS, HVI™) (Apr 2014)
item Impact of storage condition on fiber quality and color (Apr 2014)
item New definitions for cotton fiber maturity ratio (Apr 2014)
item Fiber mass, count and breaking force from Stelometer test (Apr 2014)
item Modulus enhancement of natural rubber through the dispersion size reduction of protein/fiber aggregates (Apr 2014)
item Possibilities for measuring cotton in the field and outside the laboratory: for breeding, production, ginning, the warehouse (Mar 2014)
item Split-replicates correlation of water content in cotton (Mar 2014)
item Biopolymers produced from gelatin and other sustainable resources using polyphenols (Mar 2014)
item Effects of thickness and gain on the amplitude of airborne ultrasonics (Mar 2014)
item Simplifying pyrolysis; using gasification to produce corn stover and wheat straw biochar for sorptive and horitcultural media (Feb 2014)
item Preparation of nonwoven and green composites from collagen fibrous networks (Feb 2014)
item An investigation on the intra-sample distribution of cotton color by using image analysis (Jan 2014)
item Understanding the influence of fiber length on the HVI measurement of cotton fiber strength (Jan 2014)
item Flocculation of high purity wheat straw soda lignin (Jan 2014)
item Powdered hide model for vegetable tanning (Jan 2014)
item Design of a laboratory method for rapid evaluation of experimental flocculants (Dec 2013)
item Treatment of hides with tara-modified protein products (Dec 2013)
item Natural rubber protein as interfacial enhancement for biobased nano-fillers (Nov 2013)
item Unraveling cellulose microfibrils: a twisted tale (Oct 2013)
item Effect of microfibril twisting in theoretical powder diffraction studies of cellulose Iß (Sep 2013)
item Biochar: sustainable and versatile (Sep 2013)
item Electron (charge) density studies of cellulose models (Sep 2013)
item Idealized powder diffraction patterns for cellulose polymorphs (Aug 2013)
item Feasibility of visible and Near Infrared Spectroscopy in the determination of cotton thrash component (Aug 2013)
item A rapid measurement for cotton breeders of maturity and fineness from developing and mature fibers (Jul 2013)
item Preliminary study of NIR model transfer in the determination of cotton trash components (Jul 2013)
item Chemistry of 2,5-dihydroxy-(1,4)-benzoquinone, a key chromophore in aged cellulosics (Jul 2013)
item Cotton micronaire measurements by a small potable near infrared (NIR) analyzer (Jun 2013)
item At-line cotton color measurements by portable color spectrophotometers (Jun 2013)
item Effects of bating, pickling, and crosslinking treatments on the characteristics of fibrous networks from un-tanned hides (Jun 2013)
item Functional keratin as structural platforms (Jun 2013)
item Comparison of TLUD and atmospherically-controlled retort methods of preparing biochar using corn stover and wheat straw feedstocks (Jun 2013)
item Preliminary evidence of oxidation in standard oven drying of cotton: attenuated total reflectance/ Fourier transform spectroscopy, colorimetry, and particulate matter formation (Jun 2013)
item Understanding water content data in cottons equilibrated to moisture equilibrium (May 2013)
item Development of secondary cell wall in cotton fibers as examined with Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy (May 2013)
item Model systems for leather research and beyond (May 2013)
item NIR technique in the classification of cotton leaf grade (May 2013)
item A statistical analysis of the intra-sample distribution and variation of cotton color and its application (May 2013)
item Impact of storage on fiber quality (May 2013)
item Experience of the fibrotest for measuring cotton fiber length and strength properties (May 2013)
item Potential of visible and near infrared spectroscopy in the determination of instrumental leaf grade in lint cottons (May 2013)
item Preliminary examination of the effects of relative humidity on the fracture morphology of cotton flat bundles (May 2013)
item Protein-based nanoparticles for hydrophilic coating (May 2013)
item Protein-based nanoparticles for hydrophilic coating (May 2013)
item Proteolysis of meat and bone meal to increase utilisation (May 2013)
item Reinforcement effect of biomass carbon and protein in elastic biocomposites (May 2013)
item An assessment of alternative cotton fibre quality attributes and their relationship with yarn strength (Apr 2013)
item Structural characterization of soy protein nanoparticles from high shear microfluidization (Apr 2013)
item Measurements of cotton fiber maturity and fineness: method comparisons and fiber growth analyses (Apr 2013)
item Characterization of soy protein nanoparticles prepared by high shear microfluidization (Apr 2013)
item FR wool and wool blends (Apr 2013)
item Effects of level and length of supplementation on leather characteristics of yearling Boer and Spanish wethers (Apr 2013)
item Evaluation of hides, wet blue and leather using airborne ultrasonics (Apr 2013)
item Cellulose (Mar 2013)
item Production of BSA-poly(ethyl cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles as a coating material that improves wetting property (Mar 2013)
item Effects of bating, pickling and crosslinking treatments on the characteristics of fibrous networks from un-tanned hides (Mar 2013)
item Characterization of cellulose II nanoparticles regenerated from ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride (Feb 2013)
item Cellulose polymorphy, crystallite size, and the Segal crystallinity index (Feb 2013)
item Recent progress in Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy study of compositional, structural, and physical attributes of developmental cotton fiber cellulose (Jan 2013)
item A comparative study on cotton fiber length parameters’ effects on modeling yarn property (Jan 2013)
item Keratin sponge/hydrogel part 1. fabrication and characterization (Jan 2013)
item Preparation and evaluation of tara-modified proteins (Jan 2013)
item Keratin sponge/hydrogel II, active agent delivery (Jan 2013)
item Development and utilization of a bovine type I collagen microfibril model (Jan 2013)
item Effects of pretanning processes on collagen structure and reactivity (Jan 2013)
item Decorin content and near infrared spectroscopy analysis of dried collagenous biomaterial samples (Dec 2012)
item Comparing corn stover and switchgrass biochar: characterization and sorption properties (Dec 2012)
item Preliminary assestment of lint cotton water content in gin-drying temperature studies (Dec 2012)
item Treatment of wet blue with fillers produced from quebracho-modified gelatin (Dec 2012)
item Evaluation of hides and leather using ultrasonic technology (Nov 2012)
item Utilization of low-ash biochar to partially replace carbon black in SBR composites (Nov 2012)
item Thermal dissolution of maize starches in aqueous medium (Oct 2012)
item Modeling of total water content in cotton before and after cleaning with the shirley analyzer (Oct 2012)
item Automatic detection of seed coat fragments in cotton fabrics (Sep 2012)
item Increasing biochar surface area: Optimization of ball milling parameters (Sep 2012)
item Production of poly(alkyl cyanoacrylate)nanoparticles as a coating material that changes wetting property (Aug 2012)
item Microbiological and near IR studies of leather from hides presoaked in formulations that can remove hardened bovine manure (Aug 2012)
item Effect of microfluidized and stearic acid modified soy protein in natural rubber (Aug 2012)
item The collagen microfibril model, a tool for biomaterials scientists (Aug 2012)
item Starch-filled polymer composites (Aug 2012)
item Combining computational chemistry and crystallography for a better understanding of the structure of cellulose (Jul 2012)
item Simple X-ray diffraction algorithm for direct determination of cotton crystallinity (Jul 2012)
item Physical properties of collagen fibrous networks derived from bovine hides (Jul 2012)
item Effects of dehydration methods on characteristics of fibrous networks from un-tanned hides (Jun 2012)
item Fourier transform spectroscopy of cotton and cotton trash (May 2012)
item Comparative properties of cellulose nano-crystals from native and mercerized cotton fibers (May 2012)
item Soaking formulations that can soften and remove hardened bovine manure: part II, effects on quality of leather (May 2012)
item Fiber sample presentation system for spectrophotometer cotton fiber color measurements (Apr 2012)
item Approaches of using the beard testing method to obtain complete length distributions of the original samples (Apr 2012)
item Comparison of nir methods for measuring cotton fiber maturity and fineness (Apr 2012)
item Measure the color distribution of a cotton sample using image analysis (Apr 2012)
item Cotton fiber properties relative humidity and its effect on flat bundle strength elongation and fracture morphology (Apr 2012)
item Rapid cotton maturity and fineness measurements using the Cottonscope® (Apr 2012)
item Botanical trash mixtures analyzed with near-infrared spectroscopy (Apr 2012)
item Influence of defoliation date and gin-drying temperature on oven moisture and KFT water within cotton cultivars (Apr 2012)
item Diffraction from nonperiodic models of cellulose crystals (Apr 2012)
item Biochar as potential adsorptive media for estrogenic compounds (Mar 2012)
item About the structure of cellulose: debating the Lindman hypothesis (Mar 2012)
item Chiroptical properties of an alternatingly functionalized cellotriose bearing two porphyrin groups (Mar 2012)
item Standard test method for water in lint cotton by oven evaporation combined with volumetric Karl Fischer Titration (Mar 2012)
item Effects of dehydration methods on the characteristics of fibrous networks from un-tanned hides (Mar 2012)
item Ethylene sensing by silver(I) salt-impregnated luminescent films (Feb 2012)
item Near-infrared classification of cotton lint, botanical and field trash (Feb 2012)
item Rapid measurement of cotton fiber maturity and fineness by image analysis microscopy using the Cottonscope® (Feb 2012)
item Preparation and characterization of polyphenol-modified gelatin products (Feb 2012)
item Conformational analysis of cellobiose by electronic structure theories (Jan 2012)
item Effects of pretanning processes on bovine hide collagen structure (Jan 2012)
item Use of high molecular weight biopolymers to improve the properties of chrome-free leather (Dec 2011)
item Chromophores in cellulosics, VI. First isolation and identification of residual chromophores from aged cotton linters (Nov 2011)
item Keratin capped silver nanoparticles - synthesis and characterization of a nanomaterial with desirable handling properties (Nov 2011)
item Airborne ultrasonic inspection of hides and leather (Nov 2011)
item Increasing biochar surface area: effects of various milling (Oct 2011)
item Modelling the effect of solvents on carbohydrates (Aug 2011)
item Investigation of the impact of instrumental and software applications on cotton and botanical trash identification by ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (Aug 2011)
item Novel studies of non-aqueous volatiles in lint Cotton moisture tests by complementary thermal methods (Jul 2011)
item Reference method for total water in lint cotton by automated oven drying combined with volumetric Karl Fischer titration (Jul 2011)
item Expanding the utility of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) process bleaching (Jul 2011)
item Keratin materials for new product development (Jun 2011)
item Fabric wrinkle characterization and classification using modified wavelet coefficients and optimized support-vector-machine classifier (Jun 2011)
item Book review: "cellulose science and technology" (May 2011)
item Molecular modeling approach to vegetable tanning: preliminary results for gallotannin interactions with the collagen microfibril (May 2011)
item Improving the accuracy of predicting yarn properties by selecting proper fiber length parameters (Apr 2011)
item Impacts of laboratory ginning method on cotton fiber micronaire measurements (Apr 2011)
item Miniature spinning as a fiber quality assessment tool (Apr 2011)
item Electron density studies of methyl cellobioside (Apr 2011)
item Modeling the fiber length distribution from data of the beard testing method (Apr 2011)
item Calculations of Young's moduli for cellulose Iß (Apr 2011)
item Preliminary field trash studies using near-infrared spectroscopy (Apr 2011)
item Miniature spinning as a tool for ginning research (Apr 2011)
item Preliminary assessments of portable color spectrophotometer measurements of cotton color (Apr 2011)
item Hydroxyl orientations in cellobiose and other polyhydroxy compounds – modeling versus experiment (Apr 2011)
item Effect of strain rate on mechanical properties of melt-processed soy flour composite filler and styrene-butadiene blends (Mar 2011)
item Estimation of the Young’s modulus of cellulose Iß by MM3 and quantum mechanics (Mar 2011)
item A close look at cotton seed coat fragments with AFISPro (Mar 2011)
item Reference test methods for total water in lint cotton by Karl Fischer Titration and low temperature distillation (Mar 2011)
item Comparison of two reference methods for detemining cotton fiber moisture (Mar 2011)
item Advances in the measurement of cotton fiber maturity using near infrared (NIR) instruments (Mar 2011)
item In defense of adiabatic phi/psi mapping for cellobiose and other disaccharides (Mar 2011)
item Drying leather with vacuum and toggling sequentially (Mar 2011)
item Obtaining Cotton Fiber Length Distributions from the Beard Test Method Part 2 – A New Approach through PLS Regression (Mar 2011)
item Young’s modulus calculations for cellulose Iß by MM3 and quantum mechanics (Feb 2011)
item Treatments to enhance properties of chrome-free (wet white) leather (Feb 2011)
item Approaches to Characterize Lint Removed During Processing (Jun 2010)
item Cotton nanocomposites (Jun 2006)
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