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Cropped Soil/Waste Interactions
item Incidence of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary on potato and tomato in Maine, 2006-2010 (Mar 2015)
item Biochar elemental composition and factors influencing nutrient retention (Feb 2015)
item The effects of biochar and manure in silage corn (Feb 2015)
item Uptake coefficients for biosolids-amended dryland winter wheat (Jan 2015)
item Organic and inorganic inputs and losses in an irrigated corn field after inorganic fertilizer or manure application (Dec 2014)
item Sugarbeet yield and quality when substituting compost or manure for conventional nitrogen fertilizer (Dec 2014)
item Soil organic carbon dynamics in a sod-based rotation on coastal plain soils (Nov 2014)
item Corn grain and nutrient uptake response to different swine manure application methods (Nov 2014)
item No-till corn response and soil nutrient concentrations from subsurface banding of poultry litter (Nov 2014)
item Biochar alters manure's effect on nitrogen cycling and greenhouse gas emissions in a calcareous soil (Nov 2014)
item Carbon balance in an irrigated corn field after inorganic fertilizer or manure application (Nov 2014)
item Low-Temperature Biochar Affects an Eroded Calcareous Soil (Oct 2014)
item Aggregate tensile strength and friability characteristics of furrow and sprinkler irrigated fields in Southern Idaho (Oct 2014)
item Biochar and manure effects on net nitrogen mineralization and greenhouse gas emissions from calcareous soil under corn (Sep 2014)
item Detection of pathogens, indicators, and antibiotic resistance genes following land application of poultry litter (Sep 2014)
item Copper and zinc speciation in a biosolids-amended, semiarid grassland soil (Sep 2014)
item Detection of pathogens, indicators and antibiotic resistance genes following land application of poultry litter (Jul 2014)
item Nutrient concentrations of runoff as affected by the diameter of unconsolidated material from feedlot surfaces (Jul 2014)
item Proposed chemical mechanisms leading to secondary organic aerosol in the reactions of aliphatic amines with hydroxyl and nitrate radicals (Jul 2014)
item Effect of windrow management on ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from swine manure composting (Jul 2014)
item Impacts of antibiotic use in agriculture: what are the benefits and risks? (Jul 2014)
item Manure and inorganic fertilizer effects on carbon balance and losses in irrigated corn (Jul 2014)
item Primary isolation of Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli from environmental sources (Jun 2014)
item Measurement of gas and aerosol agricultural emissions (Jun 2014)
item Effect of composting on the fate of steroids in beef cattle manure (Jun 2014)
item Cloud condensation nuclei activity of aliphatic amine secondary aerosol (Jun 2014)
item Manure and fertilizer effects on organic and inorganic carbon losses and budget for an irrigated corn field (Jun 2014)
item Nutrient source and tillage impacts on tall fescue production and soil properties (May 2014)
item The effect of heat fluxes on ammonia emission from swine waste lagoon based on neural network analyses (May 2014)
item Development and testing of a new phosphorus index for Kentucky (May 2014)
item Transport of agricultural contaminants through karst soil (Mar 2014)
item Improving nitrogen management for corn in southern Idaho and southwest Oregon (Mar 2014)
item Corn response to enhanced-efficiency nitrogen fertilizers and poultry litter (Mar 2014)
item Effects of gypsum on trace metals in soils and earthworms (Mar 2014)
item Enhanced-efficiency fertilizer effects on cotton yield and quality in the Coastal Plains (Mar 2014)
item Fate of antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance genes in simulated swine manure storage (Feb 2014)
item Soil-plant-microbial relations in hydrothermally altered soils of Northern California (Feb 2014)
item Stability and transport of graphene oxide nanoparticles in groundwater and surface water (Feb 2014)
item Soil micro nutrients in backgrounding beef feedlot site (Feb 2014)
item Runoff nutrient transport as affected by land application method, swine growth stage, and runoff rate (Feb 2014)
item Hardwood biochar influences calcareous soil physicochemical and microbiological status (Jan 2014)
item Impact of FGD gypsum application on water quality in a coastal plain soil (Jan 2014)
item Sustainable uses of FGD gypsum in agricultural systems (Jan 2014)
item Transport of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella typhimurium in biochar-amended soils with different textures (Jan 2014)
item Persistence of erythromycin resistance gene erm(B) in cattle feedlot pens over time (Dec 2013)
item Implement with adjustable band spacing for subsurface band application of poultry litter (Dec 2013)
item Regression modeling weather and biosolids effects on dryland on dryland wheat yields in Eastern Colorado, 2011-2012 (Dec 2013)
item Gypsum use to reduce P loss from agricultural fields (Dec 2013)
item Biochar and soil properties affecting microbial transport through biochar-amended soils (Nov 2013)
item The use of organic soil amendments for winter wheat production in Kentucky (Nov 2013)
item Improvement of anaerobic digester performance by wastewater recirculation through an aerated membrane. (Nov 2013)
item Affect of soil amendments and manure application on nitrifiers and denitrifiers (Nov 2013)
item Uncertainty analysis for a field-scale P loss model (Nov 2013)
item Using a phosphorus loss model to evaluate the Kentucky phosphorus index (Nov 2013)
item Vulnerability of karst aquifers to agricultural contaminants: A case study in the Pennyroyal Plateau of Kentucky (Nov 2013)
item Revising the phosphorus index for Kentucky (Nov 2013)
item Using the annual phosphorus loss estimator (APLE) model to evaluate the University of Maryland phosphorus management tool (Nov 2013)
item Robust, cross-laboratory validated PCR methods to track antibiotic resistance in agricultural settings (Nov 2013)
item Antibiotic resistance in agricultural environments: a call to action (Nov 2013)
item Combination of biochar and poultry litter impact on soil properties and corn yield (Nov 2013)
item Spatial mapping of antibiotic resistance (Nov 2013)
item Soil-Plant Nutrient Interactions on Manure-Enriched Calcareous Soils (Nov 2013)
item Techniques to better understand complex epikarst hydrogeology and contaminant transport in telogenetic karst settings (Oct 2013)
item Evaluation of N products for cotton and corn (Oct 2013)
item Estimating greenhouse gas emissions from a waste lagoon (Oct 2013)
item Trace metal enrichment and distribution in a poultry litter-amended soil under different tillage practices (Oct 2013)
item Narrow grass hedge effects on nutrient transport following swine slurry application (Sep 2013)
item Fate and transport of antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance genes in soil and runoff following land application of swine slurry (Sep 2013)
item Uncertainty analysis for a field-scale P loss model (Sep 2013)
item Use of a surrogate to evaluate the impact of tillage on the transport of steroid hormones from manure-amended agricultural field (Sep 2013)
item Phytotoxicity of zinc and manganese to seedlings grown in soil contaminated by zinc smelting (Aug 2013)
item Measurement of gas and particulate amines at a dairy operation (Aug 2013)
item Effects of coal combustion byproduct encapsulated ammonium nitrate on wheat yield and uptake of nitrogen and metals (Jul 2013)
item Drought resistant sugar beets (Jul 2013)
item Ammonia and nitrous oxide fluxes from a novel swine housing (Jul 2013)
item Hydraulic conditions required to not move unconsolidated surface materials located within feedlots (Jul 2013)
item Zoning of an agricultural field using a fuzzy indicator model in combination with tool for multi-attributed decision-making (Jul 2013)
item Effects of various strip widths in strip tillage on seed emergence and yield of sunflower (Jul 2013)
item Yield and environmental effects of organic and inorganic fertilizer applications on mixed-season perennial forages (Jun 2013)
item Current knowledge on the environmental fate, potential impact, and management of growth-promoting steroids used in the US beef cattle industry (Jun 2013)
item Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for the annual P loss estimator (APLE) model (Jun 2013)
item Surface transport of nutrients from surface broadcast and subsurface-banded broiler litter (Jun 2013)
item NO3 and OH initiated secondary aerosol formation from aliphatic amines - salt formation and effect of water vapor (Jun 2013)
item Sensitivity of Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis, Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium to Low pH, high organic acids and ensiling (May 2013)
item Effect of broiler litter ash and flue gas desulfurization gypsum on yield, calcium and phosphorus uptake by peanut (Apr 2013)
item Definition of zones with different levels of productivity within an agricultural field using fuzzy modeling (Apr 2013)
item Cadmium in soils and its transfer to plants and the human food chain (Apr 2013)
item Effects of broiler litter ash, layer manure ash and calcium phosphate on corn, wheat and soybean growth, phosphorus and arsenic uptake (Apr 2013)
item Diversity of microbiomes in beef cattle (Mar 2013)
item Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for a field-scale P loss model (Mar 2013)
item Influence of swine manure application method on concentrations of methanogens and denitrifiers in agricultural soils (Mar 2013)
item Effect of feeding distiller’s grains on reduced sulfur emissions (Mar 2013)
item The implementation of the new Kentucky nitrogen and phosphorus index to reduce agricultural nonpoint source pollution (Mar 2013)
item Development and testing of a new phosphorus index for Kentucky (Mar 2013)
item Effects of agricultural municipal and industrial byproducts on bioaccessible lead (Pb) in Pb contaminated urban soils (Mar 2013)
item Nutrient loss in leachate and surface runoff from surface-broadcast and subsurface-banded broiler litter (Mar 2013)
item Poultry litter time and method of application effects on corn yield (Mar 2013)
item Reducing nutrient losses in runoff from furrow irrigation (Mar 2013)
item Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis cells are surprisingly resistant to ensiling process. (Mar 2013)
item Recommending soil copper thresholds for potato production in Idaho (Feb 2013)
item Effects of Poultry litter and dairy manure applications on forage yield and quality in conventional and no-till established tall fescue (Scheonourous phoenix [Scop.] Holub) sward. (Feb 2013)
item Soil nutrient dynamics in small beef cattle backgrounding feedlot on karst environment (Feb 2013)
item Relationship of soil nutrient content from poultry litter and dairy manure on microbial survival in fescue soils (Feb 2013)
item In-field rates of decomposition and microbial communities colonizing residues vary by depth of residue placement and plant part, but not by crop genotype for residues from two Cry1AB Bt corn hybrids and their non-transgenic i (Feb 2013)
item Mining metagenomic datasets for antibiotic resistance genes (Jan 2013)
item Microbial populations associated with agricultural wastewaters and wastewater treatment (Jan 2013)
item Technical guidance for assessing phosphorus indices (Jan 2013)
item Distribution of plant nutrient elements and carbon in particle size fractions of broiler litter ash (Dec 2012)
item Distribution and quantification of antibiotic resistance genes and bacteria across agricultural and non-agricultural metagenomes (Nov 2012)
item Using extension phosphorus uptake research to improve Idaho's nutrient management planning program (Oct 2012)
item Microbial pathogen and indicator survival in fescue soils with livestock amendments (Oct 2012)
item Influence of biochar feedstock on transport of pathogenic bacteria in unsaturated biochar-amended soil (Oct 2012)
item Efficacy of biochar amendments in limiting the transport of pathogenic bio-colloids in soils of different textures (Oct 2012)
item Corn grain yield and nutrient uptake from application of enhanced-efficiency nitrogen fertilizers (Oct 2012)
item A statistical case against the use of the Langmuir model for describing P sorption data (Oct 2012)
item Effects of byproducts amended lead contaminated urban soils on carrot yield and lead uptake (Oct 2012)
item No-till corn response to subsurface application of poultry litter (Oct 2012)
item Ammonia and nitrous oxide emission profile in an enclosed high-rise swine barn during winter months. (Oct 2012)
item Impact of FGD gypsum application on water quality in a coastal plain soil (Oct 2012)
item Impact of alternative n fertilizer sources on cotton yield and greenhouse gas emissions in a coastal plain soil (Oct 2012)
item Impact of FGD gypsum on soil fertility and plant nutrient uptake (Oct 2012)
item Evaluation of gypsum rates on greenhouse crop production (Oct 2012)
item Use of soil electrical conductivity to determine gypsum movement (Oct 2012)
item Soil carbon dioxide fluxes in conventional and conservation tillage corn production systems receiving poultry litter and inorganic fertilizer (Oct 2012)
item Effect of volumetric water content and crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) growth on the survival of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 in a soil matrix (Oct 2012)
item Using a P loss model to evaluate and improve P indexes (Oct 2012)
item Comparing southern P indices to runoff data (Oct 2012)
item Phosphorus indices: Why we need to take stock of how we are doing (Oct 2012)
item Testing amendments for remediation of military range contaminated soil (Oct 2012)
item Measurement of gas and particulate amines at agricultural facilities using an ambient ion monitor (Oct 2012)
item Development of a soil test for determining the impact of soil disturbance (Sep 2012)
item Megraft: A software package to graft ribosomal small subunit (16S/18S) fragments onto full-length sequences for accurate species richness and sequencing depth analysis in pyrosequencing-length metagenomes (Aug 2012)
item Food Safety Issues: Mineral fertilizers and soil amendments (Aug 2012)
item Spatial variation of nutrients, pharmaceuticals and bacteria across a cattle backgrounding operation (Aug 2012)
item Adaptation of an ambient ion monitor for detection of amines in gas and particulate agricultural emissions (Aug 2012)
item Nitrogen mineralization in production agriculture (Aug 2012)
item Atmospheric reactivity studies of aliphatic amines (Aug 2012)
item Evaluation of a vegetative treatment system to reduce fecal microorganisms and antibiotic resistant bacteria in beef cattle feedlot runoff (Aug 2012)
item Ammonia emission from swine manure windrows: a case study of biomass reduction vs. potential nutrient loss (Aug 2012)
item Non-composted municipal solid waste byproduct influences soil and plant nutrients five years after soil reclamation (Aug 2012)
item Comparison of bacterial communities in faeces of beef cattle fed diets containing corn and wet distillers grain with solubles (Aug 2012)
item Environmental benefits of biochar (Jul 2012)
item Effects of tillage system and nitrogen supply on sugarbeet production (Jul 2012)
item Investigating the role that biochar feedstock and pyrolysis temperature has on the transport behavior of E. coli in a biochar-amended soil under saturated and unsaturated conditions (Jun 2012)
item Investigating the role that biochar feedstock and pyrolysis temperature has on the transport behavior of E. coli in a biochar-amended soil under saturated and unsaturated conditions (Jun 2012)
item Nitrogen availability and uptake by sugarbeet in years following manure application (Jun 2012)
item Wheat strip effects on nutrient loads following variable manure application (May 2012)
item Impact of poultry litter cake, cleanout, and bedding following chemical amendments on soil C and N mineralization (May 2012)
item Nitrogen and carbon cycling in a grassland community ecosystem as affected by elevated atmospheric CO2 (Apr 2012)
item Formation of alkylaminium salts in particulate matter. (Apr 2012)
item Seasonal variation in heat fluxes, predicted emissions of malodorants, and wastewater quality of an anaerobic swine waste lagoon (Mar 2012)
item Reaction mechanisms of secondary and tertiary amines with OH and NO3 radicals (Mar 2012)
item Formation of alkylaminium salts in particulate matter (Mar 2012)
item The potential for using a P loss model to improve the accuracy of the Kentucky phosphorus index (Mar 2012)
item Development of in-house methods for high-throughput DNA extraction (Mar 2012)
item Epidemiologic and occupational investigation of an Escherichia coli O111 outbreak associated with a correctional facility dairy – Colorado, 2010 (Mar 2012)
item Runoff nutrient loads as affected by residue cover, manure application rate, and flow rate (Mar 2012)
item Nitrogen requirement for sugar beets: A summary of past and present research findings (Mar 2012)
item Identifying military impacts on archaeological deposits based on differences in soil organic carbon and chemical elements at soil horizon interfaces (Mar 2012)
item Identification and quantification of inositol hexa-kis phosphate (IHP) in environmental samples at neutral pH using electro-spray ionization and raman spectroscopy (Mar 2012)
item Impact of growth conditions on transport behavior of E. coli (Mar 2012)
item Effects of biosolids and FGD-gypsum amended soil on metal uptake by lettuce and Edamame soybean and nodules development (Feb 2012)
item Utilization of poultry litter for pesticide bioremediation (Feb 2012)
item Mercury emission and plant uptake of trace elements during early stage of soil amendment using flue gas desulfurization materials. (Feb 2012)
item Comparison of nutrient source and forage quality as it relates to microbial survival in fescue soils. (Feb 2012)
item A microbial approach to understanding the production of ammonia in poultry litter (Feb 2012)
item Johnes disease: Troughs as a hidden source (Feb 2012)
item Amending poultry litter to reduce ammonia producing bacteria (Jan 2012)
item Alternative substrates in production of trees in 25-gallon containers (Jan 2012)
item Turning schedules effect nutrient content of composted swine manure (Jan 2012)
item Alternative N sources for corn and cotton in Alabama (Jan 2012)
item Biochar pyrolyzed at two temperatures impacts E. coli transport through a sandy soil (Jan 2012)
item New technology N products in alabama (Jan 2012)
item Effect of growth promotants on the occurrence of endogenous and synthetic steroid hormones on feedlot soils and in runoff from beef cattle feeding operations (Jan 2012)
item High yield corn production can result in high nitrogen use efficiency (Dec 2011)
item Soil nutrients, bacterial communities, and veterinary pharmaceuticals in beef cattle backgrounding confinement on karst environment (Nov 2011)
item Evaluation of poultry litter fertilization practices on greenhouse gas emissions (Nov 2011)
item Impact of amendments on microbial communities associated with nitrogen mineralization in poultry litter (Oct 2011)
item Poultry litter application time and tillage effects on corn grain production. (Oct 2011)
item Initial ammonia and nitrous oxide emission from land application of different livestock wastes and nitrogen-base fertilizers (Oct 2011)
item Atmospheric Emissions of N2O, CH4, and CO2 from Different Nitrogen Fertilizers (Oct 2011)
item Phosphorus indices and the 590 Revision: Why we need to take stock of how we are doing . (Oct 2011)
item Microbial inoculants as tools for reducing nitrous oxide emissions from soil (Oct 2011)
item Using a P loss model to evaluate and improve P indices (Oct 2011)
item The potential for FGD gypsum use in Alabama (Oct 2011)
item Impact of FGD gypsum on bermudagrass in Coastal Plain soil (Oct 2011)
item Use of industry by-product gypsum to reduce soluble P in soil (Oct 2011)
item Comparison of soil applied flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and agricultural gypsum on soil physical properties (Oct 2011)
item Attenuation of Escherichia Coli in a biochar-amended soil (Oct 2011)
item Linking microbial community structure and function to characterize antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistant genes from cattle feces (Oct 2011)
item Nitrifier activity and diversity in swine lagoon covers (Oct 2011)
item Multiple storm event impacts on epikarst storage and transport of organic soil amendments in South-Central Kentucky. (Oct 2011)
item Secondary organic aerosol formation of primary, secondary and tertiary Amines (Oct 2011)
item Atmospheric emissions of nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide from different nitrogen fertilizers (Oct 2011)
item Application of composted poultry litter as a fertilizer for landscape bedding plants (Oct 2011)
item Tillage and fertilizer management effects on soil atmospheric exchanges of methane and nitrous oxide in a corn production system (Sep 2011)
item Effects of FGD-gypsum, used-wallboard and calcium sulfate on corn and soybean root growth (Sep 2011)
item Do biochar amendments affect the leaching behavior of E. coli through soils? (Sep 2011)
item Effects of animal diet, manure application rate, and tillage on transport of microorganisms from manure-amended fields (Sep 2011)
item Long-Term tillage and poultry litter impacts on soybean and corn grain yield (Sep 2011)
item Low-value trees as alternative substrates in greenhouse production of three annual species (Sep 2011)
item Escherichia coli diversity in livestock manures and agriculturally impacted stream waters (Aug 2011)
item A critical evaluation of the Kentucky phosphorus index (Aug 2011)
item Fertilizer effects on annual growth in sweetgum, hickory, and cedar substrates (Aug 2011)
item Feedlot manure handling and application strategies on surface runoff of artificial hormones applied to row crop fields (Aug 2011)
item Ammonium and skatole biodegradation by swine waste microflora in a flow-through bioreactor (Aug 2011)
item New municipal solid waste processing technology reduces volume and provides beneficial reuse applications for soil improvement and dust control (Jul 2011)
item Organic acids rather than histidine predominate in Ni chelation in Alyssum hyperaccumulator xylem exudate (Jul 2011)
item Zoning of agricultural field using a fuzzy indicators model (Jul 2011)
item Simplified urban soil bioaccessible Pb test correlated with bioavailability of soil-Pb to humans in untreated and phosphate-treated Joplin soils (Jul 2011)
item Comparing the Kentucky phosphorus index with P loss calculated with a process-based model (Jun 2011)
item Seasonal variation in water quality and dissolved methane of Barren River Lake (Jun 2011)
item Genotypic diversity of escherichia coli isolates from environmental sources and the influence on transport behavior (Jun 2011)
item Skatole biodegradation via isolates from swine manure (Jun 2011)
item Methods to evaluate and update current phosphorus indices (Jun 2011)
item Effect of Growth Media on Environmental E. coli Isolates (May 2011)
item Microbiological quality of runoff from manure-amended fields as affected by perennial grass buffer strip (May 2011)
item A brief overview of ARS research with the KY phosphorus index (May 2011)
item Use of FGD gypsum on a bermudagrass pasture in the Appalachian Plateau Region (May 2011)
item Improving our ability to assess risk of phosphorus from agricultural fields (Apr 2011)
item Remediation of swine slurry odor and methane using a partitioning bioreactor (Apr 2011)
item Quantifying military training impacts using soil chemical and mechanical properties (Mar 2011)
item An implement for subsurface band application of poultry litter (Mar 2011)
item Subsurface application of poultry litter and its influence on nutrient losses in runoff water from permanent pastures (Mar 2011)
item Identification of ovine ruminal microbes capable of biotransforming hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) (Feb 2011)
item Effects of byproducts amended lead contaminated urban soils on collard yield (Feb 2011)
item Using a process-based model to evaluate P indices: An example approach (Feb 2011)
item Flooding event impacts soil pH, Ca, and P concentration distribution in a cattle backgrounding site on karst topography. (Feb 2011)
item Revision of the 590 nutrient management standard: SERA-17 recommendations (Jan 2011)
item Use of neem cake as an organic substrate component (Jan 2011)
item Effect of Litter Amendments on Microbial and Nitrogen Dynamics in Poultry Houses (Jan 2011)
item Inorganic fertilizers after broiler litter amendment reduce surplus nutrients in orchardgrass soils (Jan 2011)
item Identifying military impacts to archaeological resources based on differences in vertical stratification of soil properties (Nov 2010)
item Identifying military impacts on archaeology deposits based on differences in soil organic carbon and chemical elements at soil horizon interfaces (Nov 2010)
item Strain level differences in Escherichia coli transport, cell surface and adhesion characteristics (Nov 2010)
item Effects of broiler litter application on nutrient accumulation in soil (Nov 2010)
item Investigations into the transport behavior of E. coli and the sorption of phosphorus to soil (Nov 2010)
item Corn management systems for improved synchrony of soil N supply (Nov 2010)
item Influence of tillage and fertilizer placement methods on corn yield (Oct 2010)
item Subsurface band application of poultry litter (Oct 2010)
item Water quality benefits of subsurface-banded poultry litter (Sep 2010)
item Survival of the causative agent of Johne’s disease (Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis) in biofilms on trough materials (Sep 2010)
item Long-term tillage and poultry litter application impacts on crop production in northeastern Alabama (Jul 2010)
item FGD gypsum use as a soil amendment to reduce soluble P in soil (Jul 2010)
item Hardwood amended substrates for annual plant production (Jan 2010)
item Impact of subsurface applying poultry litter on greenhouse gas emissions in a permanent pasture (Nov 2009)
item Impact of subsurface applying poultry litter on reducing P losses in surface water runoff in a permanent pasture (Nov 2009)
item Influence of fertilizer placement on gaseous loss (CO2, CH4, N2O, and NH4) under different tillage management practices in a corn cropping system (Nov 2009)
item Greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) flux associated with agricultural fields with residual poultry litter applied as banded and surface applied treatments (Nov 2009)
item Amending pine bark with alternative substrates (Jan 2009)
item Alum affects ammonia-producing microorganisms in poultry litter (Jan 2009)
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