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United States Department of Agriculture

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Research Project: EVALUATION OF INHERITANCE AND QTL DETECTION IN SWITCHGRASS Project Number: 5325-21000-017-13
Project Type: Grant

Start Date: Sep 01, 2010
End Date: Jul 31, 2011

Develop a comprehensive molecular marker system for switchgrass. Develop a saturated linkage map of switchgrass. QTL analysis and identification of associated markers in mapping populations.

Analysis of marker segregation data in a F1 mapping population consisting of over 250 individuals will provide accurate estimates of genome length, marker coverage, and the degree of recombination in each parent along with patterns of segregation distortion. Appropriate algorithms based on the observed mode of inheritance in this polyploid will be employed to estimate linkage, determine phase relationships, and reconstruct the most likely marker order along entire chromosomes. Major regions of genome colinearity and significant rearrangements relative to other members of the subfamily Panicoideae will be recorded. Documents Grant with Pennsylvania State University.

Last Modified: 7/26/2016
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