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Research Project: COUNTERMEASURES TO CONTROL VIRAL DISEASES OF CATTLE Project Number: 3625-32000-098-00
Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Mar 02, 2010
End Date: Sep 30, 2011

Determine the presence of variant viruses associated with subclinical, acute and chronic respiratory infections of ruminants. Elucidate mechanisms involved in the suppression of the innate immune system that contribute to the development of the Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRDC). Determine mechanisms of Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) viral pathogenesis and use this information to develop effective control and eradication strategies. Determine mechanisms of Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV) viral pathogenesis and develop vaccination strategies to enhance and improve immunity against BRSV.

Controlling viral infections in cattle is a complex problem. Because of the complexity of the problem the approaches employed will be multifactorial and will require the convergence of diverse expertise and the development of unique tools and methods. The proposed will include surveillance for emerging viruses and variants of recognized bovine viruses with increased pathogenesis, elucidation of mechanisms involved in immune modulations, and study of synergism between pathogens that may contribute to the development of bovine respiratory disease. While surveillance will be conducted to detect the emergence of new viral pathogens, emphasis will be on two viral pathogens, bovine viral diarrhea viruses and bovine respiratory syncytial virus. The proposed research will require the development of models that allow the study of host factors associated with immune response, immunomodulation associated with viral infection, viral variations associated with changes in virulence, and interaction of pathogens in co-infections that result in changes in levels of pathogenesis. BSL-2N; Approved 10/17/10 #0131. BSL-2; Approved 10/20/10 #0188. BSL-Exempt; Recertified 10/16/10 #0182. BSL-Exempt; Recertified 10/17/10 #0225. BSL-Exempt; Recertified 10/17/10 #0226. BSL-2, BSL-2N; Certified 12/7/07 #0296; cancelled 11/18/08. BSL-2; Approved 11/17/10 #0317; BSL-2, BSL-2N; Approved 1/20/11 #0318. BSL-2; Approved 9/21/10 #0328. BL-1; Approved 4/4/11 #0343

Last Modified: 10/6/2015
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