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Lev Nemchinov--Selected Publications
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Natilla A. and Nemchinov LG. Improvement of PVX/CMV CP expression tool for display of short foreign antigens. Protein Expr Purif. 59:117-21. 2008.

Nemchinov, L.G., Shabala, L., Shabala, S. 2008. Calcium Efflux as a Component of Hypersensitive Response of Nicotiana benthamiana to Pseudomonas syringae. Plant And Cell Physiology. 49/1:40-46.

Shabala, S., Cuin, T.A., Prismall, L., Nemchinov, L.G. 2007. Expression of animal CED-9 anti-apoptotic gene in tobacco modifies plasma membrane ion fluxes in response to salinity and oxidative stress. Planta. 227(1):189-197.

Nemchinov, L.G., Natilla, A. 2007. Transient expression of the ectodomain of matrix protein 2 (M2e) of Avian Influenza A Virus in plants. Protein Expression and Purification. 56:153-9. 2007. Available: doi:10.1016/j.pep.2007.05.015.

Nemchinov, L.G., Paape, M,J., Sohn, E.J., Bannerman, D.D., Zarlenga, D.S., Hammond R.W. Bovine CD14 receptor produced in plants reduces severity of intramammary bacterial infection. FASEB Journal. 20(9):1345-51. 2006.

Natilla, A., Hammond, R., Nemchinov, L.G. 2005.Epitope presentation system based on cucumber mosaic virus coat protein expressed from a potato virus x-based vector. Archives of Virology. 15:1373-1386.

Natilla, A., Hammond, R., Zhao, Y., Nemchinov, L.G. 2005. Display of vaccine candidate antigens on the surface of cucumber mosaic virus coat protein, expressed through a potato virus x vector. International Congress of Virology. p.163.

Natilla, A., Hammond, R., Zhao, Y., Nemchinov, L.G. 2005. Development of plant-derived subunit vaccine candidate against Newcastle disease virus. American Phytopathological Society Potomac Division Meeting. 95:S163.

Nemchinov, L.G., Paape, M.J., Sohn, E.J., Bannerman, D.D., Zarlenga, D.S., Hammond, R. 2005. Plant virus-based expression of functional cd14 lps receptor in plants. American Society for Virology Meeting. p.85.

Hammond, R., Nemchinov, L.G., Zhao, Y. 2004. Mutation and recombination may limit the use of cucumber mosaic virus as a virus-based gene expression vector. American Phytopathological Society. 94(S):912

3. Nemchinov L.G. and Natilla A. Transient expression of the ectodomain of matrix protein 2 (M2e) of avian influenza A virus in plants. Protein Expr. Purif. 56:153-9. 2

Nemchinov, L.G., Hammond, J, Jordan R., and Hammond, R.W. 2004. The complete nucleotide sequence, genome organization, and specific detection of beet mosaic virus. Archives of Virology, 149(6):1201-1214.

Hadidi, A., Guinchedi, L., Osaki, H., Shamloul, A.M., Crescenzi, A., Gentit, P., Nemchinov, L., Piazzolla, P., and Kyriakopolou, P.E. 2002. Peach latent mosaic viroid in temperate fruit hosts. In: Viroids. Eds: Ahmed Hadidi, Ricardo Flores, John Randles & Joseph Semancik. CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. P.161-164.

Nemchinov, L., Liang, T. Jake, Rifaat, M. M., Mazyad, H.M., Hadidi A.F., and Keith, J.M. Development of a plant-derived subunit vaccine candidate against hepatitis c virus. 2000. Archives of Virology, 145 (12): 2557-2573.

Nemchinov, L., Shamloul, M., Zemtchik, E.Z., Verderevskaya, T.D. and Hadidi, A. Apricot latent virus: a new species in the genus Foveavirus. Archives of Virology, 145:1801-1813.

Nemchinov, L., Crescenzi, A., Piazzolla, P., Verderevskaya, T., and Hadidi, A. 1998. Present status of identification and controlling the new cherry group of plum pox. In: Plant Virus Disease Control. Eds. A. Hadidi, R.K. Khetarpal, H. Koganezawa. APS Press, St. Paul, MN, USA. P.629-638.

Nemchinov, L., Hammond, J., and Hadidi, A. 1998. Nucleotide sequence of the putative replicase gene of the sour cherry strain of plum pox potyvirus. Archives of Virology, 143: 2247-2252.

Nemchinov, L., and Hadidi, A. 1998. Specific oligonucleotide primers for the direct detection of plum pox potyvirus-cherry subgroup. Journal of Virological Methods, 70:231-234.

Nemchinov, L., Kolber, M., Nemeth, M., and Hadidi A. 1998. Molecular evidence of plum pox virus-C subgroup in Hungary. Acta Horticulturae, 472: 503-508.

Nemchinov, L., and Hadidi, A. 1998. Apricot latent virus: a novel stone fruit pathogen and its relationship to apple stem pitting virus. Acta Horticulturae, 472: 159-174.

Nemchinov, L., Hadidi, A, Verderevskaya, T., Howell, W., and Mink, G.1998. Polymerase chain reaction detection of apple stem pitting virus from herbaceous and pome fruit hosts. Acta Horticulturae, 472: 67-74.

Carraro, L., Nemchinov, L., and Hadidi, A.1998. PCR-detection of phytoplasmas in pome and stone fruits. Acta Horticulturae, 472: 731-736.

Giunchedi, L., Gentit, P., Nemchinov, L. Poggi-Pollini and Hadidi, A. Plum spotted fruit: a disease associated with peach latent mosaic viroid. Acta Horticulturae, 472: 571-581.

Nemchinov, L., Hadidi, A., Maiss, E., Cambra, M., Candresse, T., and Damsteegt, V. 1996. Sour cherry strain of plum pox potyvirus: molecular and serological evidence for a new group of PPV strains. Phytopathology 86:

Nemchinov L., Hadidi, A.1996. Characterization of the sour cherry strain of plum pox virus. Phytopathology 86:575-580.

Nemchinov, L.G.,Hadidi, A., Candresse, T., Foster, J.A., Verderevskaya, T.1995. Sensitive detection of apple chlorotic leaf spot virus from infected apple or peach tissue using RT-PCR, IC-RT-PCR, or multiplex IC-RT-PCR. Acta Horticulture 386:51-62.

Nemchinov, L.G., Hadidi,A., and Verderevskaya,T.D. 1995. Detection and partial characterization of a plum pox virus isolate from infected sour cherry. Acta Horticulture 386:226-237.

Nemchinov, L.G., and Luginin, N.V. 1991. Induction of sister chromatid exchanges in maize infected with maize dwarf mosaic virus. In: Proceedings, IV All-Union Scientific Conference of Ecological Genetics of Plants, Animals and Human. Kishinev, November 20-21. P.51-53.

Nemchinov, L.G., Tertyak, D.D., Sathya Prasad M. 1990. Localization of maize dwarf mosaic virus in reproductive organs of infected maize plants during ontogeny. Russian Agricultural Biology 4:192-195.

Nemchinov, L.G., Tertyak, D.D. 1989. Determination of potyvirus recovered from maize and study of its locations in reproductive organs of infected plants using immune electron microscopy assay. In: Influence of Phytopathogenesis on Reproductive System of Host Plants. Published by Shtiintsa, Kishinev, Moldova p.73-79.

Nemchinov, L.G., Buzhoreanu, V.V. and Tertyak, D.D. 1988. Effect of maize dwarf mosaic virus on ultra structure of maize anthers. Izvestiya Academii Nauk MSSR 4:19-

Patent applications and inventions reports

Development of a plant derived recombinant subunit vaccine candidate against Hepatitis C Virus. Lev G. Nemchinov and Jerry M. Keith (NIDCR). DHHS Reference No. E-249-01/0

Bovine CD14 receptor produced in plants reduces severity of intramammary bacterial infection. Patent application # S.N. 11/149,156.

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