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Peanut Biodiesel
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from the field to the fuel tank


From the field to the fuel tank

Why use peanut oil?

  • Highest potential in SE (see table below)
  • High oleic varieties = high quality diesel
  • The first diesel engine was powered bt peanut oil!


Gallons Fuel/acre 







What are the benefits?

  • Single farms, or groups of farmers, can be fuel independent
  • Clean burning, renewable fuel
  • Costs less than buying petro-diesel
  • Capture tax credits and incentives from the government
  • Peanut meal (by-product) is valuable animal feed

How do I make biodiesel?

  • One ton farmer stock peanuts yields about 100 gal crude peanut oil + 800 lbs meal
  • Crude peanut oil is mixed with methanol and a catalyst (lye)
  • The result is methyl ester, or biodiesel (B100)
  • B100 will run in any diesel engine without mdification; or can be blended to your specifications

 B100 yield per acre fo rvarious commodities

This chart illustrates B100 yield per acre for 8 varieties grown in a low-input, low cost production system. No fungicides, insecticides, and very little herbicides were used.


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Last Modified: 3/20/2008