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Weedy Red Rice mapping populations
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GSOR 303101-303287 and GSOR 303301-303536  Weedy red rice (Oryza sativa) is a major agricultural pest in the US, and worldwide. To understand the molecular basis of the evolutionary dynamics of the important genes underlying weedy traits, two recombinant inbred line (RIL) populations were developed using a single seed descent breeding method.  Two weedy rice ecotypes, an early-flowering straw hull type AR-2000-1135-01 (PI 653435) from Arkansas (RR9) and a late-flowering black hull type MS-1996-9 (PI 653419) from Mississippi (RR20), were crossed with a putative evolutionarily close relative, the Asian indica rice variety Dee Geo Woo Gen, GSOR 301040 (DGWG).  The populations derived from the cross of RR9 and DGWG (RR9/DGWG) and the cross of RR20 and DGWG (DGWG/RR20) consist of 185 and 234 individuals, respectively.  The phenotype of nine weedy traits including seedling growth rate, plant height, tiller angle, seed shattering and domancy were evaluated in replicated field plot experiments in the summer of 2012 and 2013.  Reactions of all individuals of both populations to the common U.S. blast isolates were determined in a greenhouse.  Important genomic regions associated with weedy traits including resistance to rice blast disease are being established by associating phenotypic data and genotypical data generated using the Genotype by Sequencing (GBS) method. These two mapping populations with the accompanying genetic and phenotypic information provide a valuable foundation for association mapping, understanding the basis of beneficial traits for crop improvement, and insights into the molecular dynamics of the evolution of invasive weed species of rice and their management. F8 generation seeds from 2013 will be available for distribution.


Weedy Rice Population Documents

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