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GSOR 100602 - GSOR 100726 (download Excel list of accessions)


This set of 123 TILs contains molecularly tagged portions of the indica TeQing genome now introgressed into the genetic background of Lemont, a U.S. tropical japonica rice cultivar. This mapping population was developed to support efforts to identify, validate, fine-map, and further evaluate the phenotypic effects of TeQing and Lemont genes/QTLs. As a set of molecularly characterized chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs), this population of TILs is useful for QTL de novo mapping. Smaller subsets of TILs can be selected to more efficiently validate previously mapped loci, or to pursue fine-mapping. Because the TILs contain molecularly tagged TeQing loci now introgressed into the Lemont genetic background, they are uniquely suited for determining the breeding value of TeQing genes within a tropical japonica rice breeding program.


View GRIN pages of parents TeQing and Lemont.


UPDATE 08/13/2018:  TIL:468.12 (GSOR 100633) was removed from GSOR distribution due to detection of heterozygosity in subsequent grow-outs.


Click here to see the TIL genotype data in an Excel file. You may use this data to select a specific TIL.


Send an email to the GSOR to request information about ordering any or all of the TILs accessions.