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Rice Grain Quality - project page
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Rice Grain Quality

Ming-Hsuan Chen, Research Chemist


Cooked rice functional properties:

••        Amylose determines cooked rice texture and is associated with sequence variations in Waxy gene (Chen et al. 2008, J Cereal Sci. 47)

••        Pasting properties of rice are associated with sequence variations in Waxy gene (Chen et al. 2008, J Cereal Sci 48)

••        Established a method to determine starch structures for linking to rice functional properties (Chen & Bergman 2007, Carb Polymers 69)

••        Developed Waxy gene markers to assist selection of amylose classes of rice (Chen et al. 2010, Mol Breeding 26)

Nutritional properties:

  • Pigmented whole grain rice had higher concentrations of phenolic compounds and higher antioxidant capacities than non-pigmented whole grain rice (Min et al. 2012, Food Chem 133)
  • Pigmented rice contained bioactive compounds. We found that these bioactive compounds in bran of pigmented rice inhibited growth of human cancer cells in vitro (Chen et al. 2012, JAFC 60)
  • Vitamin E compounds and oryzanol are compounds in whole grain rice and have health benefits. We found that these lipid soluble antioxidants are very heat stable (Min et al. 2014, Food Chem 159)
  • Resistant starch (RS) and slowly digestible starch (SDS) fractions have health benefits. This project is aiming at identifying rice accessions that have higher RS and SDS fractions in cooked rice (current CRIS project).

Longer shelf-life of whole grain rice:

  • Whole grain rice has shorter shelf-life than milled rice. This project aims to improve shelf-life of whole grain rice (current CRIS project).

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