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K/Z mapping population
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GSOR numbers are 100001-100355.  F10-11 generation recombinant inbred lines of the japonica-indica cross, Kaybonnet lpa1-1 and Zhe 733; grown in Stuttgart in 2004. Agronomic data on this population available here.

The population has been updated following in-house marker analyses:


It was determined that some lines were not recombinants – they were either a self or the heterogeneity is higher than expected. These accessions have been removed from the population:
GSOR 100051
GSOR 100052
GSOR 100054
GSOR 100101
GSOR 100157
GSOR 100181

Also, some lines were determined to have alleles that are skewed towards one parent or the other. These lines will remain available for distribution with the population, but are identified below in case you wish to remove them from your study:
GSOR 100004
GSOR 100011
GSOR 100031
GSOR 100035
GSOR 100061
GSOR 100090
GSOR 100116
GSOR 100124
GSOR 100138
GSOR 100190
GSOR 100204
GSOR 100215
GSOR 100232
GSOR 100307

September 2017
Please email for information about ordering accessions from this population.