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Germination procedures for hard-to-grow oryza species-page (old)
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Written instructions for these procedures, including a general supply list, are available in downloadable form here.  Adobe Acrobat reader is required.  Special thanks to Biological Science Technicians Tiffany Sookaserm and Quynh Ho Grunden for technical assistance and comments in preparing the photos and compiling these instructions.

Plastic tissue culture box  Magenta box is an autoclavable polycarbonate/polypropylene box used often in plant tissue culture.  An alternative to the plastic box is a glass baby food jar with a polypropylene cap.  Our technicians use either container, but use the term 'magenta box' to describe both in their protocols. Baby food jar with polypropylene cap. 

Rice seeds should be dehulled by hand instead of mechanical means in order to preserve the embryo.  Click here to see tools that our technicians use to quickly dehull seeds for this procedure.

Supplies needed:

For each rice cultivar you will need a prepared magenta box, a strainable porcelain crucible, a 50ml glass beaker; and 70% bleach solution, timer, metal forceps and alcohol for flame sterilization, sterile working area such as chemical vent hood.

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