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Available Rice Genetic Stocks
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Use link to see additional information about the genetic stock, diversity set, or mapping population.

Category Parental or set names Number of accessions Comment
Diverse germplasm set Core Collection 1794  
Diverse germplasm set Oryza SNP set 20 merged with RDP1 in 2013
Diverse germplasm set Rice Diversity Panel 1 (RDP1) 409  
Diverse germplasm set Rice Diversity Panel 2 (RDP2) 1333 SMTA required
Diverse germplasm set USA Rice Pedigree Panel 153  
Genetic Mutants Various, see list here 28  
Genetic stock Zhen Shan 97A and Zhen Shan 97B 2 Cytoplasmic male sterile and maintainer
Germplasm Nipponbare, GSOR 100 1 standard used in genetic studies
Mapping population Cocodrie x MCR01-0277 327  
Mapping population Cypress x LaGrue 300 aka MY2 RiceCAP project
Mapping population Early x Katy 240  
Mapping population Estrela x NSFTV 199 278  
Mapping population Jefferson Near Isogenic Lines (NILs) 14 O. sativa x O. rufipogon
Mapping population Katy x M202 (BC5F3)  44 backcrossing population
Mapping population KBNT lpa1-1 x Zhe 733 327 aka K/Z population
Mapping population Lemont x Jasmine 85 574 aka SB5 RiceCAP project
Mapping population RT0034 x Cypress 219 aka MY1 RiceCAP project
Mapping population TeQing-into-Lemont (TILs) 125  
Mutant set California Mutants 16  
Mutant set IR36 Rice Trisomic Lines 25  
Mutant set Jodon Mutants 33  
Mutant set Katy Deletion Mutants 22842  
Mutant set Kinoshita Mutants 192  
Mutant set Nipponbare TILLING Mutants 6398  must request via TILLING website

Please note that usually only small amounts of rice genetic stocks seeds are distributed.  You are encouraged to also look at the National Small Grains Collection (NSGC) for the same accession, where 5 grams of seed are distributed.  NSGC website:


We request that the source of these rice accessions be acknowledged when used as a resource for research publications or cultivar development.  Suggested acknowedgement:  Rice accessions (Oryza sativa) were obtained from the USDA-ARS, Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center, Stuttgart, Arkansas, Genetic Stocks Oryza Collection (

Contact the GSOR by telephone at 870-672-6128 or email at