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3-5" Fingerling Channel Catfish

This is about the smallest size of fingerling that will be stocked into stocker or food-fish ponds. 


When catfish eggs hatch, the "sac fry" are heavier than water and will sink to the bottom. In commercial hatcheries a siphon hose is often used to transfer them from hatching troughs to rearing troughs.


sac fry


Channel catfish are fed a high-quality floating feed in grow-out ponds. Use of a floating feed allows the farmer to visually inspect his crop on a daily basis.


Grow-out pond


10-HP electric paddlewheel aerators are the standard for the industry.  The aerators in this photo are arranged using new recommendations by scientists in the CGRU.



As sac fry develop, they absorb the yolk sack, turn dark, and begin to swim up searching for food.  These swim-up fry are nearly ready to stock out into 5010 acre fry ponds for growth into fingerlings.

 Development of sac fry

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Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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