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Publication List and Available PDF Downloads

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy, J.L. Krutz, S.R. Pinnamaneni, and R. Sui. 2019. Quantifying water and CO2 fluxes and water use efficiencies across irrigated C3 and C4 crops in a humid climate. Science of the Total Environment. 663:338-350. PDF

Green, T.R., and S.S. Anapalli. 2018. Irrigation variability and climate change affect derived distributions of simulated water recharge and nitrate leaching.  Water International.  43(6):829-845. PDF

Zhang, H., R.W. Malone, L. Ma, L.R. Ahuja, S.S. Anapalli, G.W. Marek, P.H. Gowda, S.R. Evett, and T.A. Howell. 2018. Modeling evaportranspiration and crop growth of irrigated and non-irrigated corn in the Texas high plains using RZWQM.  Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. 61(5):1653-1666. PDF

Fisher, D.K., L.K. Woodruff, S.S. Anapalli, and S.R. Pinnamaneni. 2018. Open-source wireless cloud-connected agricultural sensor network. Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks. 7, 47; doi:10.3390/jsan7040047   13pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy, P. Wagle, P.H. Gowda and R. Sui. 2018.  Quantifying soybean evapotranspiration using an eddy covariance approach.  Agricultural Water Management. 209:228-239. PDF

Anapalli, S.S. , K.N. Reddy, and S. Jagadamma. 2018.Conservation tillage impacts and adaptations in irrigated corn production in a humid climate.  Agronomy Journal. 110(6):2673-2686. PDF

Anapalli, S.S. , T.R. Green, K.N. Reddy, P.H. Gowda, R. Sui, D.K. Fisher, J. Moorhead, and G. Marek. 2018. Application of an energy balance method for estimating evapotranspiration in cropping systems. Agricultural Water Management. 204:107-117. PDF

Fisher, D.K., R.S. Fletcher, S.S. Anapalli, and H.C . Pringle III. 2018. Development of an open-source cloud-connected sensor-monitoring platform.  Advances in Internet of Things. 8:1-11. PDF

Runkle, B.R., J.R. Rigby, M.L. Reba, S.S. Anapalli, J. Bhattacharjee, K.W. Krauss, L. Liang, M.A. Locke, K.A. Novick, R. Sui, K. Suvocarev and P.M. White, Jr. 2017. Delta -Flux: An eddy covariance network for a climate-smart lower Mississippi basin. Agricultural & Environmental Letters. doi:10.2134/ael2017.01.0003. PDF

Wagle, P., P.H. Gowda, , S.S. Anapalli, K.N Reddy and B.K. Northup. 2017. Growing season variability in carbon dioxide exchange of irrigated and rainfed soybean in the southern United States. Science of the Total Environment. 593-594:263-273. PDF

Ma, L., L.R. Ahuja, A. Islam, T.J. Trout, S.S. Anapalli and R.W. Malone. 2017. Modeling yield and biomass responses of maize cultivars to climate change under full and deficit irrigation. Agricultural Water Management. 180:88-98. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy, W.T. Pettigrew, R. Sui and L.R. Ahuja. 2016. Vulnerabilities and adapting irrigated and rainfed cotton to climate change in the lower Mississippi Delta region. Climate. doi:10.3390/cli4040055: 20pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., W.T. Pettigrew, K.N. Reddy, L. Ma, D.K. Fisher and R. Sui.  2016.  Climate-optimized planting windows for cotton in the lower Mississippi Delta region.  Agronomy. 6(4):46 16pgs.  PDF

Anapalli, S.S., L.R. Ahuja, P.H. Gowda, L. Ma, G. Marek, S.R. Evett and T.A. Howell. 2016. Simulation of crop evapotranspiration and crop coefficients with data in weighing lysimeters. Agricultural Water Management. 177:274-283. PDF