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Publication List and Available PDF Downloads

Huang, Y., Z. Chen, T. Yu, X. Huang, and X. Gu. 2018. Agricultural remote sensing big data: Management and applications.  Journal of Integrative Agriculture. 17(9):1915-1931. PDF

Huang, Y., M.A. Lee, V.K. Nandula and K.N. Reddy. 2018. Hyperspectal imaging for differentiating glyphosate-resistant and glyphosate-susceptible Italian ryegrass. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 9:1467-1477. PDF

Zhao, F., R. Li, W. Verhoef, S. Cogliati, X. Liu, , Y. Huang, Y. Guo, and J. Huang. 2018. Reconstruction of the full spectrum of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence: Intercomparison study for a novel method. Remote Sensing of Environment. 291:233-246.  PDF

Yang, Y., Y. Huang, Y. Zhang, and X. Tong. 2018. Optimal irrigation mode and spatio-temporal variability characteristics of soil moisture content in different growth stages of winter wheat. Water. 10(9): doi.10.3390/w10091180 17pgs.  PDF

Huang, Y., K.N. Reddy, R.S. Fletcher and D. Pennington. 2018. UAV low-altitude remote sensing for precision weed management. Weed Technology. 32(1):2-6. PDF

Huang, Y., C.M. Ouellet-Plamondon, S.J. Thomson, and K.N. Reddy. 2017. Characterizing downwind deposition of the off-target drift from aerially applied glyphosate using RbCl as tracer.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 10(3):31-36. PDF

Zhang, J., Y. Huang, Z. Li, P. Liu, and L. Yuan. 2017. Noise-resistant spectral features for retrieving foliar chemical parameters. Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 10(12):5369-5380  PDF

Liang, X. Li, Y. Huang, Y. Qin, and H. Huang. 2017. Integrating remote sensing, GIS and dynamic models for landscape-level simulation of forest insect disturbance. Ecological Modelling. 354: 1-10. PDF

Lin, F., Z. Dongyan, Y. Huang, X. Wang, and X. Chen. 2017. Detection of corn and weed species by the combination of spectral, shape and textural features. Sustainability. 9:1335-1348;doi10.3390/su9081335. PDF

Fisher, D.K. and Y. Huang. 2017. Mobile open-source plant-canopy monitoring system. Modern Instrumentation. 6:1-13. PDF

Thomson, S.J., Y. Huang and B.K. Fritz. 2017. Atmospheric stability intervals influencing the potential for off-target movement of spray in aerial application. International Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. 5(1):17pgs. PDF

Huang, Y., H.J. Brand, R. Sui, S.J. Thomson, T. Furukawa and M.W. Ebelhar. 2016. Cotton yield estimation using very high-resolution digital images acquired with a low-cost small unmanned aerial vehicle. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. 59(6):1563-1574. PDF

Huang, Y., L. Yuan, K.N. Reddy and J. Zhang.  2016. In-situ plant hyperspectral sensing for early detection of soybean injury from dicamba.  Biosystems Engineering.  149:51-59.  PDF

Huang, Y., S.J. Thomson, H.J. Brand, and K.N. Reddy. 2016. Development and evaluation of low-altitude remote sensing systems for crop production management. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 9(4):1-11. PDF

Zhang, D., F. Lin, Y. Huang, X. Wang and L. Zhang. 2016. Detection of wheat powdery mildew by differentiating background factors using hyperspectral imaging. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology. 18(4):747-756. PDF

Huang, Y., M.A. Lee, S.J. Thomson and K.N. Reddy. 2016. Ground-based hyperspectral remote sensing for weed management in crop production. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. 9(2):98-109.  PDF

Huang, J., F. Sedano, Y. Huang, H. Ma, X. Li, S. Liang, L. Tian, X. Zhang, J. Fan and W. Wu. 2016. Assimilating a synthetic Kalman filter leaf area index series into the WOFOST model to improve regional winter wheat yield estimation.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 216:188-202.  PDF

Zhang, J., Y. Huang, L. Yuan, G. Yang, L. Chen and C. Zhao. 2016. Using satellite multispectral imagery for damage mapping of armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) in maize at a regional scale. Pest Management Science. 72:335-348.  PDF

Wei, D., Y. Huang, Z. Chunjiang and W. Xiu. 2015. Identification of seedling cabbages and weeds using hyperspectral imaging. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 8(5):65-72.  PDF 

Zhao, F., Y. Guo, Y. Huang, W. Verhoef, C. van der Tol, B. Dai, L. Liu, H. Zhao and G. Liu. 2015. Quantitative estimation of fluorescence parameters for crop leaves with bayesian inversion.  Remote Sensing. 7:14179-14199.  PDF 

Huang, J. H. Ma, W. Su, X Zhang,Y. Huang, J. Pan and W. Wu. 2015. Jointly assimilating MODIS LAI and ET products into the SWAP model for winter wheat yield extimation.  IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 8(8):4060-4071. PDF 

Huang, Y., K.N. Reddy, S.J. Thomson, and H. Yao. 2015. Assessment of soybean injury from glyphosate using airborne multispectral remote sensing. Pest Management Science. 71:545-552.  PDF 

Zhao, F., Y. Guo,Y. Huang, K.N. Reddy, Y. Zhao and W.T. Molin. 2015. Detection of the onset of glyphosate-induced soybean plant injury through chlorophyll fluorescence signal extraction and measurement. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing. 9:  DOI:10.1117/1.JRS.9.097098.  PDF 

Huang, J., L. Tian, S. Liang, H. Ma, I. Becker-Reshef, Y. Huang, W. Su, X. Zhang, D. Zhu, and W. Wu. 2015. Improving winter wheat yield estimation by assimilation of the leaf area index from Landsat TM and MODIS data into the WOFOST model. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 204:106-221.  PDF

Lee, M.A., Y. Huang , H. Yao, S.J. Thomson, and L.M. Bruce. 2014. Determining the effects of storage on cotton and soybean leaf samples for hyperspectral analysis. IEEEJournal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 7(6):2562-2570.  PDF


Zhao, F., Y. Li, X. Dai, W. Verhoef, Y. Guo, H. Shang, X. Gu, Y. Huang,, T. Yu, and J. Huang. 2014. Simulated impact of sensor field of view and distance on field measurements of bidirectional reflectance factors for row crops.  Remote Sensing of Environment. 156:129-142.  PDF


Huang, Y., W.C. Hoffman, Y. Lan, B.K. Fritz and S.J. Thomson. 2014. Development of a low-volume sprayer for an unmanned helicopter. Journal of Agricultural Science. 7(1):148-153.  PDF


Lee, M.A., Y. Huang, H. Yao, S.J. Thomson, and L.M. Bruce.  2014.  Effects of sample storage on spectral reflectance changes in corn leaves excised from the field. Journal of Agricultural Science. 6(8):214-220.  PDF


Reddy, K.N., Y. Huang, M.A. Lee, V.K. Nandula, R.S. Fletcher, S.J. Thomson, and F. Zhao.  2014.  Glyphosate-resistant and glyphosate-susceptible Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri S. Wats.): hyperspectral reflectance properties of plants and potential for classification.  Pest Management Science.  70:1910-1917. PDF


Thomson, S.J., Y. Huang, and T.J. Brooks. 2014. Agricultural aircraft and thermal imaging - from detecting sand boils at the levee to irrigation management. Agricultural Aviation 41(4): 62-65. PDF


Deng, W., Y. Huang, C. Zhao, and X. Wang.  2014.  Discrimination of crop and weeds on visible and visible/near-infrared spectrums using support vector machines, artificial neural network and decision tree.  Sensors and Transducers. 26(March):26-34.  PDF


Zhao, F., Y. Guo, Y. Huang, K.N. Reddy, M.A. Lee, R.S. Fletcher, S.J. Thomson, and H. Zhao.  2014.  Early detection of crop injury from herbicide glyphosate by leaf biochemical parameter inversion.   International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.  31:78-85.  PDF


Thomson, S.J., Y. Huang, and L.A. Smith. 2014.  Portable device to assess dynamic accuracy of global positioning systems (GPS) receivers used in agricultural aircraft.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 7(2):68-74.  PDF


Yuan, L., Y. Huang, R. Loraamm, C. Nie, J. Wang, and J. Zhang. 2014.  Spectral analysis of winter wheat leaves for detection and differentiation of diseases and insects.  Field Crops Research. 156:199-207.  PDF


Zhao, F., Y. Huang, Y. Guo, K.N. Reddy, M.A. Lee, R.S. Fletcher, and S.J. Thomson.  2014.  Early detection of crop injury from glyphosate on soybean and cotton using plant leaf hyperspectral data.   Remote Sensing. 6:1538-1563.  PDF


Huang, Y., R. Sui, S.J. Thomson, and D.K. Fisher.  2013.  Estimation of cotton yield with varied irrigation and nitrogen treatments using aerial multispectral imagery.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 6(3):37-41.  PDF


Huang, Y., S.J. Thomson, W.C. Hoffmann, Y. Lan, and B.K. Fritz.   2013.  Development and prospect of unmanned aerial vehicle technologies for agricultural production management.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 6(3):1-10.  PDF


Jin, X., Y. Huang, S.J. Thomson, and R.B. Elliott.  Effects of conidial densities and spray volume of Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana fungal suspensions on conidial viability, droplet size and deposition coverage in bioassay using a novel bioassay spray system. Biocontrol Science and Technology. 23:362-366. PDF


Deng, W., Y. Huang, C. Zhao, X. Wang, and J. Liu.  2013.  Spatial distribution visualization of PWM continuous variable-rate spray.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 6(4):1-8.  PDF


Biaconi, A., T. Dalgaard, B.F.J. Manly, J.S. Govone, M.J. Watts, P. Nkala, G. Habermann, Y. Huang, and A.B.S. Serapiao.  2013.  Methodological difficulties of conducting agroecological studies from a statistical perspective.  Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.  37(4):485-506.    PDF


Zhang, H., Y. Lan, C.P.-.C. Suh, J. Westbrook, W.C. Hoffmann, C. Yang, and Y. Huang. 2013.  Fusion of remotely sensed data from airborne and ground-based sensors to enhance detection of cotton plants.  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 93:55-59. PDF

Jin, X., D. Streett, Y. Huang and T. Ugine. 2012. Development of a novel bioassay system to assess the effectiveness of entomopathogenic fungi against imported fire ants. Biocontrol Science and Technology. 22(2):233-241.  PDF

Huang, Y., W. Zhan, B.K. Fritz and S.J. Thomson. 2012. Optimizing selection of controllable variables to minimize downwind drift from aerially applied sprays. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 28(3):307-314.  PDF

Yao, H., Y. Huang, Z. Hruska, S.J. Thomson and K.N. Reddy. 2012. Using vegetation index and modified derivative for early detection of soybean plant injury from glyphosate. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 89: 145-157.  PDF

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Thomson, Steven J.Claudiane M. Ouellet-Plamondon, Sherri L. DeFauw, Yanbo Huang, Daniel K. Fisher and Patrick J. English. 2012. Potential and Challenges in Use of Thermal Imaging for Humid Region Irrigation System Management.  J. Agric.Sci. 4(4): 103-116.  PDF 

Huang,Y., G. Fipps, R.E. Lacey, and S.J. Thomson.  2011.  Landsat satellite multi-spectral image classification of land cover and land use changes for GIS-based urbanization analysis in irrigation districts of lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  Applied Remote Sensing Journal. 2(1):27-36.   PDF 

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Ortiz, B.V., S.J. Thomson, Y. Huang, K.N. Reddy and W. Ding. 2011. Determination of differences in crop injury from aerial application of glyphosate using vegetation indices.  Comp. Elect. Agri. 77:204-213.  PDF 

Ding, W., K.N. Reddy, L.J. Krutz, S.J. Thomson, Y. Huang and R.M. Zablotowicz. 2011. Biological responses of soybean and cotton to aerial glyphosate drift. J. Crop Improv. 25: 291-302. PDF 

Reddy,Krishna N.,Wei Ding, Robert M. Zablotowicz, Steven J. Thomson, Yanbo Huang and L. Jason Krutz. 2010. Biological responses to glyphosate drift from aerial application in non-glyphosate-resistant corn.  Pest. Manag. Sci. 66: 1148-1154 PDF

Krutz, L.J., D.L. Shaner, M.A. Weaver, R.M.T. Webb, R.M. Zablotowicz, K.N. Reddy, Y. Huang and S.J. Thomson. 2010.  Agronomic and environmental implications of enhanced s-triazine degradation.  Pest. Manag. Sci. 66: 461-481 PDF

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