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Publication List and Available PDF Downloads

Pettigrew, W.T. 2016. Cotton photosynthetic regulation through nutrient and water availability. The Journal of Cotton Science. 20:237-245PDF

Anapalli, S.S., W.T. Pettigrew, K.N. Reddy, L. Ma, D.K. Fisher and R. Sui. 2016. Climate-optimized planting windows for cotton in the lower Mississippi Delta region. Agronomy. 6(4):46 16pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy, W.T. Pettigrew, R. Sui and L.R. Ahuja. 2016. Vulnerabilities and adapting irrigated and rainfed cotton to climate change in the lower Mississippi Delta region. Climate. doi:10.3390/cli4040055: 20pgs. PDF

Pettigrew, W.T. 2016. Cultivar variation in cotton photosynthetic performance under different temperature regimes.  Photosynthetica. 54(4):502-507. PDF

Pettigrew, W.T. 2015. Twin-row production of cotton genotypes varying in leaf shape. The Journal of Cotton Science. 19:319-327.  PDF

Zeng, L. and W.T. Pettigrew. 2015. Combining ability, heritability, and genotypc correlations for lint yield and fiber quality of Upland cotton in delayed planting. Field Crops Research. 171:176-183.  PDF

Pettigrew, W.T. and M.K. Dowd. 2014. Nitrogen fertility and irrigation effects on cottonseed composition. Journal of Cotton Science. 18:410-419.  PDF

Bauer, P.J., W.T. Pettigrew and B.T. Campbell. 2014. Response of four cotton genotypes to N fertilization for root hydraulic conductance and lint yield. Journal of Cotton Science. 18:362-366.  PDF

Pettigrew, W.T. and L. Zeng. 2014. Interactions among irrigation and nitrogen fertility regimes on mid-south cotton production. Agronomy Journal. 106(5):1614-1622.  PDF

Pettigrew, W.T. and W.T. Molin. 2014. Impact of starter fertilizer on cotton growth, development, lint yield, and fiber quality production for an early planted no-till system. Crop Management. 12(1):doi:10.1094/CM-2013-0012-RS. 7 pgs.  PDF

Pettigrew, W.T., W.R. Meredith, and L. Zeng.  2013.  Response of obsolete and modern cotton genotypes to varying plant densities.  Journal of Cotton Science. 17:254-262.  PDF

Pettigrew, W.T. and W.R. Meredith, Jr. 2012. Genotypic variation in physiological strategies for attaining cotton lint yield production. The Journal of Cotton Science. 16: 179-189.  PDF

Pettigrew, W.T. and M.K. Dowd. 2012. Interactions between irrigation regimes and varieties result in altered cottonseed composition.  Journal of Cotton Science.  16: 42-52.  PDF

Pettigrew, W.T. and M.K. Dowd.  2011.  Varying planting dates or irrigation regimes alters cottonseed composition.  Crop Science. 51: 2155-2164.  PDF

Pettigrew, W.T., W.T. Molin and Salliana R. Stetina. 2009. Impact of varying planting dates and tillage systems on cotton growth and lint yield production.  Agronomy Journal.  101 (5): 1131-1138.  PDF

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