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Birru, G.A., A. Shiferaw, T. Tadesse, M.R. Schmer, V.L. Jin, B. Wardlow, K. Koehler-Cole, T. Awad, S.E. Beebout, T.D. Tsegaye, and T.P. Kharel. 2023. Simulated impacts of winter rye cover crop on continuous maize yield and soil parameters.   Agronomy Journal.  115(3):1114-1130.  PDF

Joshi, D.R., S.A. Clay, P. Sharma, H. Moradi, T.P. Kharel, R. Thapa, and D.E. Clay. 2023. Artificial intelligence and satellite-based remote sensing can be used to predict soybean (Glycine max) yield.   Agronomy Journal.  Special Section_2023_1–14.  PDF

Adhikari, K., D. Smith, C. Hajda, and T. Kharel. 2023. Within-field yield stability and gross margin variations across corn fields and implications for precision conservation.  Precision Agriculture 24(4):1401-1416.  PDF

Bhandari, A.B., T.P. Kharel, and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Assessing wind damage and potential yield loss in mid-season corn using a geospatial approach.  Frontiers in Agronomy. 5:1195761. 7 pgs. PDF

 Kharel, T.P., A.B. Bhandari, P. Mubvumba, H.L. Tyler, R.S. Fletcher and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Mixed-species cover crop biomass estimation using planet imagery. Sensors. 23,1541. 16pgs  PDF

Winzeler, H.E., P.R. Owens, T.P. Kharel, A. Ashworth and Z. Libohova. 2023. Identification and delineation of broad-base agricultural terraces in flat landscapes in northeastern Oklahoma, USA. Land. 12(2), 486. 12 pgs. PDF

Bhandari, A.B., R. Gelderman, D. German, and T.P. Kharel. 2023. Using stimulated rainfall to evaluate cover crops and winter manure application to limit nutrient loss in runoff. Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment.  6(1). 10pgs. PDF

Kharel, T.P., A.J. Ashworth, P.R. Owens. 2022. Evaluating how operator experience level affects efficiency gains for precision agricultural tools. Agricultural & Environmental Letters.  2022;7:e20085. 7 pgs. PDF

Ashworth, A.J. B. Putman, T. Kharel, G. Thoma, A. Shew, M. Popp, and P.R. Owens. 2022. Environmental impact assessment of tractor guidance systems based on pasture management scenarios. Journal of the ASABE. 65(3):645-653. PDF

Kharel, T.P., A.J. Ashworth, P.R. Owens. 2022. Linking and sharing technology: Partnerships for data innovations for management of agricultural big data. Data. 7, 12. 11pgs. PDF

Ashworth, A.J., T.P. Kharel, T. Sauer, T.C. Adams, D. Philipp, A.L. Thomas, and P.R. Owens. 2022. Spatial monitoring technologies for coupling the soil plant water animal nexus. Scientific Reports.12:3508. 14pgs. PDF

Kharel, T.P., A.J. Ashworth, P.R. Owens, D. Philipp, A.L. Thomas, and T.J. Sauer. 2021. Teasing apart silvopasture system components using machine learning for optimization. Soil Systems. 5(41). 16pgs. PDF

Cho, J.B., J. Guinness, T. Kharel, A. Maresma, K.J. Czymmek, J. van Aardt, and Q.M. Ketterings. 2021. Proposed method for statistical analysis of on-farm single strip treatment trials. Agronomy.  11, 2042. 16pgs. PDF

Ashworth, A.J., T. Adams, T.P. Kharel, D. Philipp, P.R. Owens, and T.J. Sauer. 2021. Root decomposition in silvopastures is influenced by grazing, fertility, and grass species. Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment. 4(3): Article e20190 15pgs. PDF