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Sui, R.  2017. Use of soil moisture sensors for irrigation scheduling. Irrigation Today. 1(3):16-17. PDF

Sui, R. and H. Yan.  2017. Field study of variable rate irrigation management in humid climates. Irrigation and Drainage. DOI: 10.1002/ird.2111. PDF

Schielack III, V.P., J.A. Thomasson, R. Sui and Y. Ge. 2016. Harvester-based sensing system for cotton fiber quality mapping. Journal of Cotton Science. 20:386-393. PDF

Huang, Y., H.J. Brand, R. Sui, S.J. Thomson, T. Furukawa and M.W. Ebelhar. 2016. Cotton yield estimation using very high-resolution digital images acquired with a low-cost small unmanned aerial vehicle. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. 59(6):1563-1574. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., W.T. Pettigrew, K.N. Reddy, L. Ma, D.K. Fisher and R. Sui. 2016. Climate-optimized planting windows for cotton in the lower Mississippi Delta region. Agronomy. 6(4):46 16pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy, W.T. Pettigrew, R. Sui and L.R. Ahuja. 2016. Vulnerabilities and adapting irrigated and rainfed cotton to climate change in the lower Mississippi Delta region. Climate. doi:10.3390/cli4040055: 20pgs. PDF

Sui, R. and J. Baggard. 2015. Wireless sensor network for monitoring soil moisture and weather conditions.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 31(2):193-200. PDF

Sui, R. and D.K. Fisher. 2015. Field test of a center pivot irrigation system.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 31(1): 83-88. PDF

Sui, R., D.K. Fisher and K.N. Reddy. 2015. Yield response to variable rate irrigation in corn.  Journal of Agricultural Science. 7(11):11-18. PDF

Kebede, H., R. Sui, D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy, N. Bellaloui, and W.T. Molin. 2014. Corn yield response to reduced water use at different growth stages.  Agricultural Sciences. 5:1305-1315. PDF

Kebede, H., D.K. Fisher, R. Sui, , and K.N. Reddy. 2014. Irrigation methods and scheduling in the Delta region of Mississippi: Current status and strategies to improve irrigation efficiency. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 5:2917-2928. PDF

Sui, R., D.K. Fisher, E.M. Barnes, and C.D. Delhom. 2014. Effect of supplemental irrigation and graded levels of nitrogen on cotton yield and quality. Journal of Agricultural Science. 6(2):119-131. PDF

Sui, R., D.K. Fisher, and K.N. Reddy 2013. Cotton yield assessment using plant height mapping system. Journal of Agricultural Science. 5(1):23-31.. 5(4):1-14. PDF

Huang, Y., R. Sui, S.J. Thomson, and D.K. Fisher.  2013.  Estimation of cotton yield with varied irrigation and nitrogen treatments using aerial multispectral imagery.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 6(3):37-41.  PDF

D.K. Fisher and R. Sui.  2013.  An inexpensive open-source ultrasonic sensing system for monitoring fluid levels.  Agricultural Engineering International.  15(4):328-334.  PDF

Sui, R., J.A. Thomasson and Y. Ge. 2012. Development of sensor systems for precision agriculture in cotton.   International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 5(4):1-14. PDF

Sui, R.,
D.K. Fisher and E.M. Barnes. 2012. Soil moisture and plant canopy temperature sensing for irrigation application in cotton.  J. Agric. Sci.  4(12): 93-105 4(12):93-105. PDF

Sui, R. and R.K. Byler. 2012. Air-bar cotton lint cleaner.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 28(2):173-177 PDF

Sui, R. and R.K. Byler. 2012. Evaluation of a mass flow sensor at a gin.  J. Cotton Science 16: 27-33.  PDF

Sui, R., B.E. Hartley, J.M. Gibson, C. Yang, J.A. Thomasson and S.W. Searcy. 2011. High-biomass sorghum yield estimate with aerial imagery.  J. Appl. Remote Sens. 5. 053523. 9 pgs.  PDF

Ge, Y., J.A. Thomasson, R. Sui and J. Wooten. 2011. Regression-kriging for characterizing soils with remote-sensing data.  Front. Earth Sci. 5(3): 2290244. PDF

Ge, Y., J.A. Thomasson, C.L.S. Morgan, S. Stanislav and R. Sui. 2011. Cotton revenue apportioned between lint yield and fiber quality: A precision agriculture perspective.  J. Cotton Sci. 15: 274-281. PDF

Sui, R., J. Alex Thomasson, R.K. Byler, J. Clif Boykin and E.M. Barnes. 2010. Effect of machine-fiber interactons on cotton fiber quality and foreign-matter particle attachment to fiber.  The Journal of Cotton Science 14:145-155.  PDF

Sui, R., J. A. Thomasson, and S.D. Filip. 2010. Cotton-harvester-flow simulator for testing cotton yield monitors. Int. J. Agric. and Biol. Eng. 3:44-49. PDF

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