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Young, S.L., J.V. Anderson, S.R. Baerson, J.N. Bajsa Hirschel, D.M. Blumenthal, C.S. Boyd, C.D. Boyette, E.B. Brennan, C.L. Cantrell, W.S. Chao, J.C, Chee Sanford, D.D. Clements, F.A. Dray Jr, S.O. Duke, K.M. Porter, R.S. Fletcher, M.R. Fulcher, J. Gaskin, B.J. Grewell, E.P. Hamerlynck, R.E. Hoagland, D.P. Horvath, E.P. Law, J. Madsen, D.E. Martin, C.M. Mattox, S.B. Mirsky, W.T. Molin, P.J. Moran, R.C. Mueller, V.K. Nandula, B.A. Newingham, Z. Pan, L.M. Porensky, P.D. Pratt, A.J. Price, B.G. Rector, K.N. Reddy, R.L. Sheley, L. Smith, M. Smith, K.A. Snyder, M.A. Tancos, N.M. West, G.S. Wheeler, M. Williams, J.E. Wolf, C.L. Wonkka, A.A. Wright, J. Xi, and L.H. Ziska. 2023. Agricultural Research Service Weed Science Research: Past, Present and Future. Weed Science. 71(4):312-327. PDF

Fletcher, R.S. 2023. Comparing Pan-sharpening algorithms to access an agriculture area: A Mississippi case study. Agricultural Sciences. 14(9):1206-1221. PDF

Fletcher, R.S. 2023. Machine learning mapping of soil apparent electrical conductivity on a research farm in Mississippi. Agricultural Sciences. 14(7):915-924. PDF

Kharel, T.P., A.B. Bhandari, P. Mubvumba, H.L. Tyler, R.S. Fletcher and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Mixed-species cover crop biomass estimation using planet imagery. Sensors. 23,1541. 16pgs  PDF

Fletcher, R.S. Temporal comparison of apparent electrical conductivity: A case study on clay and loam soils in Mississippi. Agricultural Sciences. 13(8):936-9468. PDF

Fisher, D.K., R.S. Fletcher, and S.S. Anapalli. 2021. Python software integrates with microcontrollers and electric hardware to ease development for open-source research and scientific applications.  Advances in the Internet of Things. 11(1):42-58.  PDF

Fletcher, R.S. and D.K. Fisher. 2021. Testing an open-source multi brand sensor node to monitor variability of environmental conditions inside a greenhouse.  Agricultural Sciences. 12:159-180.  PDF

Fletcher, R.S.  2020. Assessing hyperspectral vegetation indices responses of six pigweed species. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 11(12): 1934-1948.  PDF

Fisher, D.K., R.S. Fletcher, and S.S. Anapalli. 2020. Evolving open-source technologies offer options for remote sensing and monitoring in agriculture. Advances in Internet of Things. 10(1):1-10.  PDF

Fletcher, R.S. and D.K. Fisher. 2019. Spatial analysis of soybean plant height and plant canopy temperature measured with on-the-go tractor mounted sensors. Agricultural Sciences. 10:1486-1496.  PDF

Fletcher, R.S. 2019. Canopy hyperspectral reflectance of redroot pigweed versus okra and super okra leaf cotton. Agricultural Sciences. 10:1465-1476.  PDF

Fletcher, R.S. and R.B. Turley. 2018. Comparing canopy hyperspectral reflectance properties of Palmer amaranth to okra and super-okra leaf cotton.  American Journal of Plant Sciences. 9:2708-2718.  PDF

Fletcher, R.S. and D.K. Fisher. 2018. A miniature sensor for measuring reflectance, relative humidity, and temperature: A greenhouse example.  Agricultural Sciences. 9(11):1516-1527.  PDF

Fletcher, R.S. and K.N. Reddy. 2018. Geographic information system for pigweed distribution in the US Southeast. Weed Technology. 32(1):20-26. PDF

Huang, Y., K.N. Reddy, R.S. Fletcher and D. Pennington. 2018. UAV low-altitude remote sensing for precision weed management. Weed Technology. 32(1):2-6. PDF

Fisher, D.K., R.S. Fletcher, S.S. Anapalli, and H.C. Pringle III. 2018. Development of an open-source cloud-connected sensor-monitoring platform. Advances in Internet of Things. 8: 1-11. PDF

Fletcher, R.S. and R.B. Turley. 2017. Employing canopy hyperspectral narrowband data and random forest algoritm to differentiate palmer amaranth from colored cotton. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 8:3258-3271. PDF

Fletcher, R.S.  2016. Using vegetation indices as input into random forest for soybean and weed classification. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 7:2186-2198. PDF

Fletcher, R.S. and K.N. Reddy. 2016. Random forest and leaf multispectral reflectance data to differentiate three soybean varieties from two pigweeds. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 128:199-206. PDF

Fletcher, R.S., K.N. Reddy and R.B. Turley. 2016. Spectral discrimination of two pigweeds from cotton with different leaf colors. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 7:2138-2150. PDF

Fletcher, R.S. 2015.  Testing leaf multispectral reflectance data as input into random forest to differentiate velvetleaf from soybean.  American Journal of Plant Sciences. 6:3191-3204. PDF

Sudbrink, D.L., S.J. Thomson, R.S. Fletcher, F.A. Harris, P.J. English and J.T. Robbins. 2015.  Remote sensing of selected winter and spring host plants of tarnished plant bug (Heteroptera: Miridae) and herbicide use strategies as a management tactic.  American Journal of Plant Sciences. 6:1313-1327. PDF

Fletcher, R.S.. 2014. Applying broadband spectra to assess biological control of saltcedar in West Texas. Geocarto International. 29(4):383-399. PDF

Fletcher, R.S.. 2014. Employing spatial information technologies to monitor biological control of saltcedar in West Texas. Geocarto International. 29(3):332-347. PDF

Fletcher, R.S., A. Showler, and P.A. Funk. 2014. Employing broadband spectra and cluster analysis to assess thermal defoliation of cotton. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 105:103-110. PDF

Fletcher, R.S., J.R. Smith, A. Mengistu, and J.D. Ray. 2014. Relationships between microsclerotia content and hyperspectral reflectance data in soybean tissue infected by Macrophomina phaseolina. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 5: 3737-3744. PDF

Reddy, K.N., Y. Huang, M.A. Lee, V.K. Nandula, R.S. Fletcher, S.J. Thomson, and F. Zhao.  2014.  Glyphosate-resistant and glyphosate-susceptible Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri S. Wats.): hyperspectral reflectance properties of plants and potential for classification.  Pest Management Science. 70:1910-1917.  PDF

Zhao, F., Y. Guo, Y. Huang, K.N. Reddy, M.A. Lee, R.S. Fletcher, S.J. Thomson, and H. Zhao.  2014.  Early detection of crop injury from herbicide glyphosate by leaf biochemical parameter inversion.   International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.  31:78-85.  PDF

Zhao, F., Y. Huang,Y. Guo, K.N. Reddy, M.A. Lee, R.S. Fletcher, and S.J. Thomson.  2014.  Early detection of crop injury from glyphosate on soybean and cotton using plant leaf hyperspectral data.   Remote Sensing. 6:1538-1563.  PDF