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Parys, K.A., K.A. Davis, S.T. James, J.B. Davis, H.L. Tyler, and T. Griswold. 2022. First report of a gynandromorph Florilegus condignus (Cresson 1878) (Hymenoptera, Apidae), with notes on phenology and abundance. Journal of Hymenoptera Research. 89:233-244. PDF

Tyler, H.L.. 2021. Single-versus double-species cover crop effects on soil health and yield in Mississippi soybean fields. Agronomy. 11, 2334. 15pgs. PDF

Tyler, H.L.. 2021. Shifts in bacterial community in response to conservation management practices within a soybean production system. Biology and Fertility of Soils. 57:575–586. PDF

Tyler, H.L.. 2020. Winter cover crops and no till management enhance enzyme activities in soybean field soils. Pedobiologia. 81-82 (2020) 150666 10pgs. PDF

Tyler, H.L.. 2020. Foliar dicamba application has no lasting effects on microbial activities in the soybean rhizosphere. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 11(11):1706-1713. PDF

Zhang, J., H.L. Tyler, M.H. Haron, C.R. Jackson, D.S. Pasco, and N.D. Pugh. 2019. Macrophage activation by edible mushrooms is due to the collaborative interaction of toll-like receptor agonists and dectin-1b activating beta glucans derived from colonizing microorganisms. Food & Function. 10:8208-8217. PDF

Tyler, H.L. 2019. Bacterial community composition under long-term reduced tillage and no till management. Journal of Applied Microbiology. 126:1797-1807. PDF

Tyler, H.L., and Locke, M.A. 2019. Effects of weed management on soil ecosystems. In: Weed Control: Sustainability Hazards, and Risks in Cropping Systems Worldwide. Eds. Korres N.E., Burgos N.R., and Duke, S.O. Boca Raton, USA, Taylor & Francis Group, Chapter 3, pp. 32-61.

Haron, M.H., H.L. Tyler, S. Chandra, R.M. Moraes, C.R. Jackson, N.D. Pugh, and D.S. Pasco. 2019. Plant microbiome-dependent immune enhancing action of Echinacea purpurea is enhanced by soil organic matter content. Scientific Reports.  9:136-147. PDF

Little, N.S., R.M. Mullen, K.C. Allen and H.L. Tyler. 2017. Leaf tissue assay for lepidopteran pests of Bt cotton. Southwestern Entomologist. 42(4):953-958. PDF

Nandula, V.K. and H.L. Tyler.  2016. Effect of new auxin herbicide formulations on control of herbicide resistant weeds and on microbial activities in the rhizosphere.   American Journal of Plant Sciences.  7:2429-2439.  PDF

Tyler, H.L., M.H. Haron, N.D. Pugh, J. Zhang, C.R. Jackson and D.S. Pasco. 2016. Bacterial components are the major contributors to the macrophage stimulating activity exhibited by extracts of common edible mushrooms.  Food and Function. 7:4213-4221. PDF

Tyler, H.L.
, M.A. Locke, M.T. Moore, and R.W. Steinriede, Jr. 2016. Impact of conservation land management practices on soil microbial function in an agricultural watershed. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 71(5):396-403. PDF

Haron, M., H.L. Tyler, N. Pugh, R. Moraes, V. Maddox, C. Jackson, and D. Pasco. 2016. Activities and prevalence of proteobacteria members colonizing Echinaceae purpurea fully account for macrophage activation exhibited by extracts of this botanical. Planta Medica. 82(14):1258-1265. PDF

Tyler, H.L.. 2015. Emerging perspectives on the natural microbiome of fresh produce vegetables.  Agriculture. 5:170-187. PDF