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2008-2006 Posters
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  •-• Association of Natural BioControl Producers

•-•  Field Trial of Integrated Kudzu Control 
Mark A. Weaver

  •-• International Weed Science Congress

•-•  Atrazine-Degrading Bacteria Isolated from a Mississippi Delta Soil Expressing the Potential for Accelerated Atrazine Degradation 

Robert M. Zablotowicz, Cesare Accinelli,L. Jason Krutzand Mark A. Weaver

•-•  Glyphosate Effects on Symbiotic Relationships, Nitrogen Assimilation and Seed Composition in Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean 

Nacer Bellaloui, Robert M. Zablotowicz, Krishna N. Reddy,and Craig A. Abel

•-•  Soil Persistance and Bioavailability of Fluometuron Under Rye and Balansa Clover Cover Crops in Cotton Production  

Martin A. Locke, Robert M. Zablotowicz,R. Wade Steinriede, and Krishna N. Reddy

•-•  Developmental Studies of Myrothecium verrucaria(IMI361690) as a Bioherbicide 

Robert E. Hoagland, C. Douglas Boyette, Mark A. Weaver, Kevin C. Vaughn andKenneth C. Stetina

•-•  Glyphosate Tolerance Mechanism in Italian Ryegrass from Mississippi 

Vijay Nandula, Krishna Reddy, Daniel Poston, Agnes Rimando, and Stephen Duke

•-• Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

•-•  Mississippi Field Trial of Herbicides to Control Kudzu 

Mark A. Weaver, William T. Molin, C. Douglas Boyetteand Robert E. Hoagland

•-•  Brown Flatsedge (Cypereus fuscus)A Potential Rice Weed 

Charles T. Brysonand Richard Carter

•-• Weed Science Society of America

•-•  Herbicidal Control of Kudzu 

Mark A. Weaver, William T. Molin,Margaret E. Lyn,C. Douglas Boyette,and Robert E. Hoagland

•-•   Differential Flower Morphology Among Three Morningglories from the Southern U.S.

Charles T. Bryson, Krishna N. Reddy,and Ian C. Burke

•-•   Both Vines and Tendrils Utilize Gelatinous Fibers to Cause Twining and Coiling

Kevin C. Vaughn and Andrew J. Bowling

•-•   Aminomethylphosphonic Acid Accumulation in Plant Species Treated with Glyphosate

Krishna N. Reddy, Agnes M. Rimando, Stephen O. Duke, andVijay K. Nandula

•-•   Effects of Glyphosate Formulations on Cotyledon Structure and Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Cotton

William T. Mollin, Andrew J. Bowling and Kevin C. Vaughn

  •-• Southern Weed Science Society

•-•  Brown Flatsedge (Cypereus fuscus)A Potential Rice Weed 

Charles T. Brysonand Richard Carter

 •-• Soil Science Society of America

•-•  Atrazine Dissipation in Triazine-Adapted and Non-Adapted Soil from Colorado and Mississippi: Implications of Enhanced Degradation on Atrazaine Fate and Transport Parameters 

L.J. Krutz, D.L. Shaner, C. Accinelli, R.M. Zablotowicz,and W.B. Henry

 •-• Weed Science Society of America

•-•  Viability of the Bioherbicide Myrothecium verrucaria in Tank-mix Suspensions: Effect of Herbicide Formulation, Rate and Suspension Time 

Mark A. Weaver, Margaret E. Lyn, Robert E. Hoagland andC. Douglas Boyette
•-•  Differential Morphology of Morningglory Populations from the Southern U.S. 

Charles T. Bryson, Krishna N. Reddy, and Ian C. Burke
•-•  Effects of Tillage, Rye Cover Crop, Herbicide Program and Planting Date on Browntop Millet Control in Glyphosate-Tolerant Cotton  

William T. Molin
•-•  Many Tendrils and Vines Use Adhesives in Lieu of or in Addition to Twining or Coiling 

Kevin C. Vaughn and Andrew J. Bowling

 •-• Southern Weed Science Society

•-•  Is Diverse Morphology of Cogongrass in Mississippi Related to Edaphic Characteristics or Biotypic Variation?

Charles T. Bryson, John D. Byrd, Jr., Gary N. Ervin, and Krishna N. Reddy

•-•  Ragweed Parthenium Response to Preemergence and Postemergence Herbicides 

Krishna N. Reddy, Charles T. Brysonand Ian C. Burke

 •-• American Phytopathological Society

•-•  Liquid Fermentation Can Mitigate Mycotoxin Production in Myrothecium verrucaria, a Mycoherbicide for Kidzu and Hemp Sesbania Control

C. Douglas Boyette, Mark A. Weaver, Robert E. Hoagland and Kenneth C. Stetina 

•-•  Development of Reduced Trichothecene Formulations of Myrothecium verrucariafor Use as a Bioherbicide

Mark A. Weaver, Robert E. Hoagland and C. Douglas Boyette

 •-• International Society of Agrochemical Adjuvant

•-•  Formulation and Adjuvant Effects on Efficacy, Absorption, and Translocation of Clethodim in Bermudagrass and Wheat

Krishna Reddy, Vijay Nandula and Dan Poston

 •-• MSU-Delta Research and Experiment Center Field Day

•-•  Cogongrass, a Threat to the Mississippi Delta....and Beyond!

Charles T. Bryson and J. Paige Goodlett

 •-• MYCOGLOBE Conference, Bari, Italy

•-•  Population Ecology of Aspergillus flavusin Mississippi Delta Soils

Robert M. Zablotowicz, Hamed K. Abbas and Martin A. Locke

  •-• Weed Science Society of America

•-•  Rapid Development of Enhanced Atrazine Degradation in Soil Under Two Cropping Systems: Continuous Corn and Corn-Cotton Rotation 

L.J. Krutz, R.M. Zablotowicz, K.N. Reddy, C.K. Koger, M.A. Weaver
•-•  Differential Morphology of Pitted Morningglory Populations for the Southern U.S.  

Charles T. Bryson, Krishna N. Reddyand Ian C. Burke
•-•  Conventional and Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton-Corn Rotation under Reduced Tillage: Impact on Soil Properties, Weed Control and Yield 

Krishna Reddy, Martin Locke, C. Trey Koger, Robert Zablotowicz and L. Jason Krutz

•-•  A Unique Stem Structure in Bedstraw or Cleavers (Galium aparine) 

Kevin C. Vaughn, Houston B. Maxwell, and Christopher G. Melocheand Ian C. Burke

•-•  Redvine and Trumpetcreeper Controlled by Interaction of the Bioherbicide Myrothecium verrucariaand Glyphosate 

C.D. Boyette, K.N. Reddy, R.E. Hoagland and M.A. Weaver

•-• Southern Weed Science Society

•-•  Foliar Washoff Potential and Surface Runoff Loss of Trifloxysulfuron in Cotton

L.J. Krutz, M.A. Matocha, S.A. Senseman, K.N. Reddy, M.A. Locke, and R.W. Steinriede, Jr.

  •-• American Society of Agronomist

•-•  Winter Flooding of Harvested Rice Fields Alters Soil and Rice Straw Enzymatic Activity and Soil Microbial Community Structure

R.M. Zablotowicz, C.H. Koger and T.W. Walker

 •-• American Phytopathological Society 

•-•  Interaction of a Bioherbicide and Glyphosate for Controlling Hemp Sesbania in Glyphosate-Resistant Soybeans

C. D. Boyette, R.E. Hoagland, and M.A. Weaver   

•-• MSU-Delta Research and Experiment Center Field Day

•-•  Kudzu Control to Remove Inoculum Source of Asian Soybean Rust (ASR): Opportunities for Biological Control

Mark A. Weaver, C. Douglas Boyette, and Robert E. Hoagland

•-• Narrow Row (15") vs. Wide Row (40") Cotton Production - Agronomic and Weed Control Studies

Ian C. Burke and K.N. Reddy

•-• Rapid Degradation of Atrazine: Implications on Efficacy and Environmental Fate

Robert M. Zablotowicz, L. Jason Krutz, Krishna N. Reddy, and Ian C. Burke

 •-• Texas Plant Protection Conference

•-• Spray Carrier pH Effect on Absorption and Translocation of Trifloxysulfuroon in Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) and Texasweed (Caperonia palustris)

Mark A. Matocha,L.Jason. Krutz, Scott A.Senseman, Trey Koger, and Krishna N. Reddy