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2005-2003 Posters
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 •-• Weed Science Society of America

•-•  Weed Control and Net Return in Glyphosate-Resistant and Non-Resistant Soybean Grown Continuously and in Rotation 

Krishna N. Reddy , Larry G. Heatherly, Stan R. Spurlock, and C. Trey Koger
•-•  Weedy Sedges (Cyperaceae) of the World 

Charlet T. Bryson and Richard Carter
•-•  Effects of Adjuvants and Simulated Rain on the Efficacy of the Engame Formulation of Glyphosate 

William T. Molin and Kangetsu Hirase
•-•  Biocontrol of Hemp Sesbania with Colletotrichium truncatum Microsclerotia Formulated in 'Pesta' Granules 

C.D. Boyette, M.A. Jackson, C.T. Bryson, R.E. Hoagland, W.J. Connick, Jr., and D.J. Daigle

 •-• Southern Weed Science Society

•-•  Effect of Heat on Cogongrass Viability

C. T. Bryson, C. H. Koger and J. D. Byrd

•-•  Characterization of Aspergillus flavus, Aflatoxin, Fumonisin in Corn: Effects of Cover Crop, Rotation and Glyphosate

Krishna N. Reddy, Hamed K. Abbas, C. Trey Koger, Robert M. Zablotowicz, and Craig A. Abel

  •-• Soil Science Society of America

•-• Rapid Development of Enhanced Atrazine Degradation in Soil Under Two Cropping Systems: Continuous Corn and Corn-Cotton Rotation  

L.J. Krutz, R.M. Zablotowicz,K.N. Reddy, C.H. Koger, and M.A. Weaver

  •-• American Society of Agronomy

•-• Soil Properties and Microbial Activity as Affected by Tillage and Cover Crops in Soybeans  

R.M. Zablotowicz, K.N. Reddy, M.A. Weaver, R.E. Gordon and A. Mengitsu

 •-• Weed Science Society of America

•-• Cogongrass: Green is Green and Red is Red, or are They?  

C.T. Bryson, C.H. Koger, and J.D. Byrd, Jr.

 •-• Southern Weed Science Society

•-• Biology and Ecology of Yellow Unicorn Plant (Ibicella lutea)

C. T. Bryson, C.H. Koger and J. D. Byrd, Jr

 •-• Weed Science Society of America

•-•  Reproductive Potential and Control Strategies for Deeprooted Sedge (Cyperus entrerianus) 

Charlet T. Bryson and Richard Carter