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Title: Development of ULV Formulations for Mosquito Control for the Deployed War Fighter Protection Program

Length of Project:  January 2007-September 2008

Project Number: 6202-22000-041-16R


The military needs effective techniques to use for controlling mosquitoes during deployment settings.  Many species of mosquitoes are significant disease vectors or major nuisance pests and over one hundred species of mosquitoes are resistant to one or more classes of insecticides currently in use.  The availability of existing chemicals to use against resistant species is dwindling as the number of resistant mosquito species continues to increase.   Novel strategies are needed to protect U.S. forces from vector-borne diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and to meet the DoD's goal of reducing pesticide usage and risk. 


Control agents are needed that have minimal negative impact on the environment due to the spread of insecticide resistant insect populations, increasing environmental concerns, and the increasingly prohibitive costs and lead-in times of developing and registering new insecticides.  Laboratory and field studies are needed to:  improve formulation, efficacy, residual activity and shelf life of existing biological control agents; continue development of microbial agents for biocontrol; improve culture techniques for important arthropods; and evaluate new parasitic and predatory organisms for control potential. 


The overall goal is to develop new or improved formulations for control agents of mosquitoes.For deployment settings, DoD needs environmentally friendly, innovative vector control techniques that reduce or eliminate exposure of U.S. forces and civilians to traditional pesticides and other chemicals. The specific objective for this project is:

1)      Develop  ULV formulation for mosquito control using a commercially available active ingredient.


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