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United States Department of Agriculture

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BCPRU Personnel
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Dr. Michael Grodowitz Research Leader 662-686-5487
VacantProgram Support Asst 662-686-5487
Andrea FowlerOffice Automation Assistant 662-686-5282
VacantBiological Sci. Techn 662-686-5491
Kim Kenty Information Tech. Speclst. 662-686-3084
Matthew McDaniel Biological Sci. Technician 662-686-3659
Derrick Jones Biological Sci. Technician 662-686-3659
Archie Clark Biological Sci. Technician 662-686-3659
Vacant Research Microbiologist 662-686-3720
Brad Elliott Biological Sci. Technician662-686-3654
Alfred Martin Biological Sci. Aide 662-686-3071
Dr. Walker JonesResearch Entomologist662-686-5304
Richard Evans Biological Sci. Techn 662-686-3645
Dr. Jian Chen Res. Entomologist 662-686-3066
Leon HicksBiological Sci. Techn 662-686-3645
Dr. Juan Morales Ramos Res. Entomologist 662-686-3069
Scott Lee Engineering Techn 662-686-3653
Dr. Guadalupe Rojas Res. Entomologist 662-686-3070
Dr. Eric W. Riddick Res. Entomologist 662-686-3070
Zhixin Wu Biological Sci. Technician662-686-3657
Dr. Margaret Allen Res. Entomologist 662-686-3068
VacantBiological Sci. Technician 662-686-3649
Dr. Doug Boyette Res. Plant Pathologist 662-686-5217
Ken Stetina Pathologist 662-686-5253
Dr. Mark Weaver Res. Plant Pathologist 662-686-5236
Carol Benson-Morris Biological Sci. Technician 662-686-3670
Dr. Hamed AbbasRes. Plant Pathologist 662-686-5313
VacantBiological Sci. Technician662-686-5230
Jeremy Kotowicz Physical Science Technician662-686-3652
Rodrick Patterson Agricultural Sci. Res. Techn 662-686-3089
Terry Johnson Biological Science Technician662-686-3089

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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